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1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet A68, Reading via London, to Basingstoke, dated OCT.13.1840.


1854 Entire to Cheltenham, sent unpaid and cancelled with the Reading “Biscuit” spoon (sideways duplex).


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown (orangey-shade). Superb used with neat, large part BLUE Reading cds.


SG17 1855 1d. pl. 188 (ND) on neat envelope to WINDSOR, neatly cancelled with the READING “biscuit” spoon.


SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, KL, on cover to Oxford. Neatly cancelled by the Reading biscuit 635 Spoon cancel, code D.


SG198 1900 1½d Jubilee on special envelope for photographs, showing a portrait of a gentleman reading his newspaper.


SG22 1855 1d. Red-brown (EA). Superbly cancelled with an intaglio Bag Seal, Crown in oval reading “CORK PAID/DUBLIN” – Very scarce.


SG42 1858 1d. Rose-red Alph. IV pl. 50 “O.U.S” o’pt reading upwards, very fine used.


SG43 1868 1d. Rose-red Pl.120 (MI). Unofficial Protective Overprint… “Wm. Dawbarn & Co. LIVERPOOL” Reading Downwards.


SG48 1871 ½d. Rose-red Pl.9 (JU – KU). Pair placed sideways on envelope from READING to LONDON.


SG69 1859 6d. Lilac on cover, Reading to HMS Cumberland, S.E Coast of America.


SG84 1863 6d. Deep lilac on cover, Reading to the ship HMS Marlborough, stationed in Malta.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Reading to Maidenhead, cancelled by a light black MC.


SGME1. 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Reading to Winkfield. Fine Reading traveller on reverse with boxed ‘Too Late’, dated NO.21.1841.