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1843 1d. Mulready letter sheet A236, Advert for ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. sent from London to the Isle of Wight, then re-directed to Reading.


1846 1d. Red-brown pl. 62, KE. Four margin example on re-directed Lord Clifford entire.


1859 Inbound entire from Calcutta to London and then re-directed on arrival.


1890 1d. “Pink” Envelope. ALBINO Impression. Sent from PECKHAM to SOUTHWARK… re-directed to OLD KENT ROAD.


1891 Argentina wrapper to Stirling, re-directed to Yorkshire.


SG146 1878 6d. Deep Grey Pl.16 (QG/QH (wing margin reduced) & RG). Envelope from SAXMUNDHAM to MELBOURNE “Via San Francisco” re-directed on arrival to GEILONG…


SG157 1883 2½d. Blue, plate 22 on cover, London to New York, re-directed to Vermont, with the addition of a 3c. green.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown. Die I. SC. P.16. Entire from ALBANO, ITALY to Bridgewater, re-directed to London.


SG17/ 42 1859 Calcutta to Christchurch, Hants. Re-directed on arrival with 1d. Star, locally.


SG172 1885 London to Colinsburgh, re-directed to the Horse Guards, London.


SG172 1889 Canada to Glasgow, then re-directed with a 1d. Lilac to London, dated JU.14.89.


SG172 1890 Railway Station postmarks; 1d. Lilac on cover Tenterden, Kent, then re-directed via Ashford Station.


SG172 1897 Egypt to London then re-directed to St. Leonards on Sea, with the addition of 1d. Lilac, dd. FE.26.1879.


SG172 1898 2d. NZ lilac to S.S Gothic, Wellington. Re-directed on arrival to Isle of Wight, with addition of 1d. lilac.


SG172 1900 Barbados to London, then re-directed to Ireland with the addition of 1d. Lilac. Attractive.


SG172 1901 Queensland to Norwood, London, re-directed on arrival to Switzerland. Underpaid and charged 5c postage due on arrival.


SG194 1885 6d. Dull green on mourning cover from Sidmouth to Natal, re-directed on arrival to the gold fields at Moodies Reef.


SG321 1911 Brown postcard to Switzerland, then re-directed to Paris with 2x 1/2d. Downeys.


SG38/ 41 1859 1d. Rose-red, RJ on neat re-directed cover from Oswestry to Ellesmere, then Shrewsbury.


SG40 & 70 1857 1d. Rose-red and 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Mourning envelope sent from STIRLING to AYRSHIRE then re-directed to DRESDEN with addition of 6d. paying overseas postage.


SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red Pl.73 (JA). Cover sent from CALCUTTA to LONDON… re-directed within London paid by the 1d. Red. Dated DEC. 13. 64.


SG43 1870 1d. Rose-red Pl.142 (PA). Envelope from COLCHESTER to HAYMARKET, LONDON re-directed to SOHO SQUARE…


SG45 & 69 1858 2d. Blue Pl.7 (BI) and 1856 6d. Deep Lilac. Envelope sent “PAID” in cash from BALTIMORE to LONDON where it was re-directed to PARIS…


SG69/ 71 1857 Neat envelope from USA, pre-paid in cash to Liverpool, then re-directed on arrival with a 1/- deep green plus 6d. deep lilac, to Florance, Italy.


SG7 1841 1d. Red-brown, plate 8, DJ, on local London cover, then re-directed to Glasgow.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown.(QK). Re-directed cover.


SG8 1862 1d. Red-brown, QG. Late use of imperf. 1d. Cancelled 511 of Market Harborough and re-directed with 2d. pl. 9, from Towcaster.


SG94 1867 pl. 8. Cheltenham / Oxford / Leamington, fine re-directed cover, presumably 4d. postage plue 1d. late fee.


SGD49 1956 Boots envelope, used in London, re-directed to Lambeth Rd. with 2d. Postage Due bisected, then cancelled.


SGME2 1842 Mulready Envelope re-directed and postage due.