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SG103 1872 3d. Rose, plate 8 and 2d. blue, plate 14, paying 5d., per ½oz rate.


SG107 1869 6d. Bright violet, plate 6 on mourning cover to Bohemia, paying the 1/2oz rate.


SG108 1869 6d. plate 8, CC, paying the 1/2oz rate. Effective 1.1.68 to 31.12.69, Liverpool to New York.


SG141 1878 2 1/2d. Rosy mauve, plate 11 pair, HH-HI paying double letter rate.


SG147 1876 Newcastle (Newry), entire letter franked 6d. (plate 15) & 1d. via New York to Bermuda at the 7d. rate.


SG162 1883 6d./ 6d. lilac, plate 18, LL, on cover, Sidmouth to Natal via Dartmouth, paying the 6d. per ½oz rate.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate-blue. Small envelope sent underpaid at the 1/2d. printed matter and Post Card rate.


SG215 1901 Pre-release First Day Cover of the 1/2d. Blue green, sent at the 1d. letter rate.


SG325 1911 ½d. Bright-green. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Used on “FIRST U.K. AERIAL POST” Post Card along with KEVII ½d. Blue-green making the correct 1d. rate.


SG40/ SG45 1860 London to Albany, USA, prepaid at the 1/- rate. Sent by United States packet.


SG423 1929 Letter Telegram envelope “via Empiradio”, Airmail London to Berlin. 4 1/2d. Rate.


SG423 1929 Letter Telegram envelope “via Empiradio”, Airmail, London to Berlin at 4 1/2d. rate.


SG437 1929 PUC 2 1/2d. on cover to Germany at 2 1/2d. foreign letter rate.


SG45 1866 Liverpool to USA with 2d. plate 9, plus 4d. plate 7, making 1/- rate. Entire sent per Steamer via Queenstown.


SG450 1938 2/ 6d. Re-engraved on Parcel Post label, used from London, 9/ 4d. rate. Attractive.


SG47 1872 1d. Pink envelope, Neath to Philadelphia, uprated with 2d. plate 14, making the 3d single letter rate.


SG48 + SG51 1880 1d. Pink envelope, London to Hamurg with 4x 1 1/2d. plus 1/2d. making and unusual 7 1/2d. rate.


SG48 1879 1/2d. Rose-red, plate 11, JG. Paying printed matter rate.


SG70 1858 Cover to Philadelphia with 2x 6d. pale lilacs paying the 1/2oz rate. Put in at Deansgate and nicely cancelled by a Manchester type D4b spoon.


SG70 1858 Liverpool to Shanghai, China, via Marseilles with 6d. and 1d. paying 9d. rate.


SG98 1867 9d. Straw (wmk emblems) on cover with 1d. Rose-red making 10d. rate. Brighton to St. Petersburg, Russia.