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1880 Tender Essays. Perkins Bacon Surface Printed Essays Engraved by W Ridgeway. Cut-down Die Proof/Colour Trial for the 1½d. value printed in Red-brown and mounted on card. Rare.


1910 10d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Extremely attractive and very rare.


1929 PUC 1/2d. Coil Leader, code W. Bottom end delivery with two stamps attached. Rare.


King George IV “SPECIMEN” Stamp: Engraved Die Proof paste-up of the “SPECIMEN” frame and portrait printed in black on white wove paper. Rare.


SG117 1867 1/- Green, plate 4, AG. Unofficial Protective underprint. Good used. Rare.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange, DI, on cover Lochgilphead to India, paying 8d. up to ½oz rare.


SG17/ 42. 1854/ 58 1d star, on small piece, superb negative mail bag seal of BRIGHTON ROAD – unusual and rare.


SG20a 1855 2d. Blue Pl.5 (KC). Very fine cancelled by double ring c.d.s. Rare. Spec. F4 – Cat. £350+.


SG24 1855 1d. Red-brown, CB. Very fine used, late use of black maltese cross. Rare.


SG249 1910 7d. Grey-black. ALDERNEY rubber cancel. Rare.


SG346 1912 ½d. Green. Die 2. Wmk Multiple Cypher. Green on buff coil leader with two stamps attached plus coil end with two stamps attached. Rare. Spec. N6.


SG387 1912/ 22 7d. Olive. An u/m L18 perforated control example. Rare.


SG397/8 1913 ½d. Bright Green and 1d. Dull Scarlet. Multiple Cypher. Coil tails. One stamp attached with ‘JOINED BY’ and ‘DATE’, both in May 1913. Rare.


SG557/ SG559 1957 Scouts 2½d. – 1/3d. Coil Tails. Very fine set of 3. Rare.


SG559 1957 Scouts 1/3d. Coil Tail with 6 stamps attached. Rare.


SG66 – SG73 1855/ 57 Madeleine Smith, on 4d., 6d., 1/-. No corner letters, fine used trio. Rare.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown, LA. Clear to good margins, neat WEM udc – a super looking stamp. Rare.


SG8 1842 1d. Red-brown Pl.24 (SA). A superb red panelled envelope from SHEERNESS to CHELTENHAM dated 19. 3. 43. doubly cancelled by a black MC – stunning and rare. BPA Cert.


SG8 1842 1d. Red-brown, plate 30, EJ. Channel Islands maltese cross. Rare. Spec BS19tc. Cat. £10,000.


SGD1 1914/ 23 1/2d. Emerald D14 control strip of 3, Manchester 15.AP.14 cds’s – 5 days prior to official release date of the 20th April; rare.


SGD14 1924 3d. Dull violet EXPERIMENTAL PAPER – Very fine, lightly used horizontal block of 6 – rare.


SGD17 1924/ 1/- Deep blue, Block Cypher wmk. Very fine m/m A24 control example. Rare. Cat. £850.


SGD30 1937/ 38 3d. Violet superb F39 perf. Control pair. Rare. Marginally mounted.


SGO101 1902/03 1/2d. Blue-green ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL, Control B, u/m pair. Rare.


SGO101 1903 ½d. Blue-green Stationery. ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL Postcard. PLYMOUTH to the ISLE of WIGHT, sent from HMS ‘Pilot’ at Devonport. Rare.


SGO17 1901 ½d. Blue green Inland Revenue OFFICIAL. Unmounted, original gum Control R example. Rare.