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“SG62” c.1860 Rose. Souvenir envelope and enclosure which opens out into the shape of a Rose with illustrations of European places of worship and interest to the tourist (both sides).


1879 Tender 1/2d. Brown by Perkins Bacon. Very fine, original gum marginal example on unwatermarked paper.


1884 1/- NTC Ltd. A complete sheetlet of 12. Unmounted original gum. Attractive and unusual.


SG123 1872 6d. Pale buff, plate 12, SC. A fresh mint, original gum example of this rare stamp, with good original colour.


SG141 1876 2 1/2d. Rosy mauve, plate 12, PD. A fresh original gum example.


SG141 1879 2 1/2d. Rosy Mauve, plate 14, IJ. Watermark. Orb. Unused, original gum example.


SG142 1880 2 1/2d. Blue, plate 19, OE. Watermark orb. Very lightly mounted original gum example.


SG143 1873 3d. Rose, plate 15, SJ. Very fine and fresh mounted mint, original gum example.


SG144 1874 3d. pale rose, plate 15, LH. Fine mounted mint, original gum example.


SG144 1879 3d. Pale rose, plate 20, RB. Fine and fresh, original gum example of this, the rarest of these plates.


SG156 1876 8d. Pale orange-yellow, RH. Imperforate colour trial. Fine and fresh original gum.


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue, plate 21, EF. A fine mint, original gum example, nice colour.


SG161 1881 6d. Grey, plate 18, OJ. Very fine original gum example.


SG170var 1881 1d. Lilac die 1, in inks 950 & 951, reddish lilac and bluish lilac. Two superb original gum examples.


SG193 1884 5d. Dull Green. Very fine original gum, overprinted Specimen type 9.


SG197var 1887 ½d. Vermilion Jubilee, Advertising underprint “Pear’s Soap” in blue. An unmounted, original gum example.


SG2 1840 1d. Black plate 1b, HD. Original plate 1a re-entry. Very fine used.


SG206 1892 4 1/2d. Jubilee. A fine mounted mint, original gum example. Frame break above SW value square.


SG216 1902 1/2d. Blue-green. D.L.R. Unused original gum D4 control pair.


SG218aw 1906 1/2d. Yellowish green St. Andrews Cross pane. Watermark inverted, decent perforations, unmounted, original gum.


SG219 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R unmounted original gum control, F6 corner pair with Pin repair below P of Postage.


SG219a 1904 1d. DLR pane, unmounted original gum in rose carmine. Good perfs (P) and watermark upright.


SG219aw 1904 1d. Bright scarlet, very fine unmounted, original gum pane. Watermark inverted and very fine perfs. Spec MB5a.


SG219aw 1904 1d. Scarlet. Very fine, unmounted original gum pane, watermark inverted and excellent perfs. Spec MB5a.


SG219aw 1904 1d. Scarlet. Very fine, unmounted, original gum pane. Inverted watermark and excellent perfs. Spec MB5a.


SG219s 1902 1d. Scarlet SPECIMEN type 15. Very fine unmounted, original gum example. Scarce quality.


SG221 1902 1½d. Dull purple and green. DLR. Unmounted, original gum. Spec M8(1) – Cat. £80


SG223 1905 1 1/2d. Pale Dull Purple and Green (C). D.L.R. Superb unmounted, original gum.


SG228var 1909 2d. Grey-green & Scarlet (C) D.L.R. Superb unmounted original gum, top interpanneau marginal.


SG236a 1906 4d. Green and chocolate brown/ chalky. Superb original gum, lightly mounted marginal example.


SG241 1909 4d. Orange-red. DLR. Superb unmounted original gum, left marginal block of 24.


SG267 1911 1/2d. Dull Yellow-green. Harrison. P14. Fine unused, original gum control A 11.


SG270aw 1911 Harrison 1/2d. St. Andrew’s cross pane. Inverted watermark and unmounted, original gum.


SG284 1911 2 1/2d. Dull Blue. Harrison P15 X 14. Fine unused original gum (lower pair u/m) block of four.


SG284 1911 2 1/2d. Dull Blue. Harrison P15 x 14. Fine unused original gum. Bottom r.h corner marginal block of six.


SG285var 1911 3d. Greyish Purple on Lemon. Harrison P15 X 14. Fine unused original gum.


SG286 1911 4d. Bright Orange. Harrison. P15 X 14. Fine unused original gum (upper strip u/m).


SG286 1911 4d. Bright Orange. Harrison. P15 x 14. Fine unused original gum. (4 unmounted inc. lower strip).


SG287 1911 1 1/2d. Reddish Purple and Bright Green. S. House. Unmounted original gum.


SG288 “s” 1911 1 1/2d. Dull purple and green, SPECIMEN type 22. Superb unmounted, original gum marginal example.


SG288var 1911 1 1/2d. Dull Reddish Purple and Green. S. House. Fine unmounted original gum example.


SG292 1912 2d. Grey-Green and Bright Carmine S. House. Fine unused, original gum (1 u/m).


SG293var 1911 5d. Deep plum and cobalt blue. Superb unmounted, original gum.


SG295var 1911 6d. Dull Lilac. Fluorescent Ink. S. House. Very fine unmounted, original gum. Spec M33(5) – Cat. £300.


SG307a 1912/ 22 2d. Orange die II, fine mounted mint, original gum pane with very fine perfs. Spec NB11.


SG314s 1911 1/- Green and carmine SPECIMEN type 22. Superb unmounted, original gum marginal example.


SG322 1911/ 22 1/2d. Green watermark Crown. Fine original gum block, left hand pair with kiss print giving rise to doubling along frame lines and value tablet.


SG323 1911 1/2d. Bluish green Die 1a, watermark Crown. Fine mint original gum example. RPS cert.


SG324a 1911 1/2d. Green, die 1b. Watermark crown. Very fine, original gum pane with good perfs. Spec NB1.


SG333Wi 1912 1d. Aniline scarlet. Booklet stamp, watermark inverted. Very fine, original gum example. Super colour.


SG34 1857 2d, Blue, PK-PL, p14, plate 5 pair paying 2 oz rate to Sheffield. York spoon (original), dated JU.2.57.


SG340var 1912 1/2d. Yellow-green “deep shade” very fine, original gum example. Fine colour.


SG341a 1912 die 2, watermark Crown 1d. Scarlet. No cross on crown, unmounted, original gum in marginal strip of 3.


SG342 1912 1d. Scarlet. Die 2. Watermark Crown. Unused, original gum control B. 11 block of six from plate 6A.


SG344var 1912 1/2d. Yellow green Die 2 Simple Cypher watermark. Unmounted original gum.


SG346b 1912 1/2d. Green Imperforate, marginal pair. Lightly mounted mint, original gum and decent margins.


SG350 1912 1d. Scarlet. Die 2 Multiple Cypher watermark. Very fine original gum B12w control block of 4.


SG351 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green COILJOIN pair, u/m original gum, with good perfs. Spec. N14ra.


SG351var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green. Imperf. Specimen type 26. Very fine, original gum marginal pair.


SG354var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Olive-green. Very fine, original gum G15 control strip, mounted on centre stamp.