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1855 10d. Deep red-brown on Fox Brothers cover, London to Somerset, REGISTERED.


1863 1d Rose-red (DC). on embossed OUS envelope.


1900 “The Lord Chancellor” – Proof strike of the official certifying handstamp on a virtually pristine envelope with embossed seal on reverse.


1906 1d. Embossed Revenue used to supplement a 2 1/2d. Postal Stationery cut out. The correct rate was 3d.


c.1887 1d. Pink Embossed cover. “THE HALF-PENNY LETTER POST COMPANY, LIMITED”.


c.1920 F L Smithe Co. Embossed Envelope.


SG166 1880 1d. Venetian Red (JH). BLUE Handstamp. Used on 2d. Blue embossed stationery envelope sent from TORQUAY to PLYMOUTH.


SG34 & 54 1855 2d. Blue Pl.5 (NE – PE) and 1847 1s. Pale Green. Wrapper sent from MANCHESTER to AMSTERDAM “Via Belgium”.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red, GA. Fancy embossed Ladies envelope, sent from Dover to London.


SG40 1860 WALES: Superb Valentine embossed envelope with insert, from Talgarth to Trewalter Llangorse, Breconshire.


SG43 1865 1d. Rose-red Pl.98 (SD). Affixed sideways to an embossed advertising envelope for the “FARMER’S GAZETTE…”


SG434/ 437 1929 PUC plain cards embossed with UPU motif.


SG434/ SG437 1929 PUC set of 4 on white UPU envelope, embossed on rear flap.


SG54 & SG58 1856 6d., + 1/- Embossed on small piece. Cancelled with two strikes of the Madeleine Smith cancel.


SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed with an excellent Dundee Scottish Experimental Duplex cancellation.


SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. Superb used, crisp Liverpool spoon cancel.


SG54 1847 1s. Pale Green. Very scarce used strip of four cancelled by LONDON “14” numerals. Fine strip.


SG54 1851 1/- Pale green, four clear margins on entire. London to Wall Street, New York, USA.


SG54var 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. A magnificent corner example with exceptional margins and showing just the one thread.


SG55 1847 1/- Green. Superb used marginal example, 466 numeral of Liverpool.


SG55 1847 1s. Green (Silk Thread Variety). Fine used on entire from Brechin to Massachusetts, USA.


SG55 1847 1s. Green envelope from CATTERICK TO PHILADELPHIA By the Steam Mail Liverpool.


SG55 1847 1s. Green. Entire from DUNDEE to MASSACHUSETTS…


SG55 1854 1s. Green. Die II. Top marginal example used on wrapper to PARIS cancelled by a crisp MANCHESTER sideways 498 duplex.


SG55 1855 1/- Green Embossed. Fine four margin example (sadly written on when cover was received).


SG55 1856 1/- Green, four margins on cover to Brooklyn, NY, USA, neatly tied by the Exeter sideways duplex for JY.17.56.


SG56 1854 1/- Deep green, plus 1d., RH, paying late fee. Both cancelled with the 466 numeral of Liverpool.


SG56 1855/ 59 1/- Deep green, Liverpool spoon. Russian “extra 1/2d”.


SG57 1848 10d. Brown (deep shade) Embossed. Very fine pair, with neat Clifton sideways duplex


SG57 1848 10d. Brown Embossed. A very fine, four margin example with a cds cancel.


SG57 1848 10d. Brown. Clear margined example on wrapper from London to Rouen, France.


SG57 1848 10d. Brown. Cut to shape and used on 1d. Pink envelope, overprinted with black Mourning border.


SG58 1854 6d. Embossed in deep purple. Very fine used, just touched, but a very attractive stamp.


SG58 1857 6d. Embossed, touched/ in at base. Cancelled with the rare Birmingham “75” experimental roller cancel – a short lived experiment.


SG58Wj 1854 6d. Mauve Embossed, watermark reversed. Rare used with upright Leith 221 exceptional duplex.


SG59 1854 1d. Pink uprated with 6d. embossed on toned paper, endorsed at top left “stamped for registration”.


SG59 1856 Transatlantic Ship Mail. Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia.


SG59var 1854 6d. Reddish lilac Embossed. Nice Scots local, type XX of Rutherglen.


SG59Wi 1854 6d. Dull lilac Embossed, inverted watermark. Superb used with cds of Dundee.


SG60 1847 6d. Purple Embossed. A brilliant used example, beautifully cancelled by a crisp Caterham double arc cds.


SG60 1854 6d. Purple. Fine use pair on small piece.


SG60Wj 1854 6d. Purple Embossed. Superb used, crisp Lancaster cds, dated AU.8.1855.


SG60Wk 1854 6d. Purple. Watermark Inverted and Reversed.


SG8 1852 1d. Red-brown (OL). Embossed “FREE” envelope sent from MANCHESTER to WREXHAM.


Stationery: 1890 1d. Pink embossed envelope addressed to Stoke Newington.


“VICTORIA & ALBERT” Embossed Ladies Envelope.