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1855 unpaid cover sent to Early, Reading. Charged just 3d. postage due, not double the deficiency?


1902 1/2d. Blue green Stationery envelope. Very early use, from Constantinople to Berne.


SG170 1881 1d. ‘Reddish’ Lilac. Die I. Early Printing. Affixed sideways to a neat uncreased envelope sent from BATH to WORCESTER…


SG19 1854 2d. Blue Pl.4 (AA). SC. P.16. Worn Plate. Used example showing early stages of the plate wear. Spec. F1ivar.


SG194 1885 PARCELS POST – Woolwich with 6d dull green, neat cds for MY.18.85. Scarce early label.


SG228 1909 2d. Pale Grey-Green & Scarlet (C) D.L.R. Distorted Tablet – “Rhombus”, Early State. (Pl.D3, R. 1/1). Unmounted o.g. top left corner example… rare so fine. Spec. M12b.


SG418 1924 1/2d. Green. Block Cypher. Hand drawn envelope with “The early bird catches the worm” theme.


SG45 1867 2d. Blue pl. 9, IK – early impression. Dublin to Loughrea.


SG80 1862 4d. Pale red, plate 3 without hairlines, CK Defective Letter K. Early state, fine used. Spec J52d.


SGO61avar 1896 1½d. Lilac, TA. GOVT. PARCELS. Superb unused o.g example with early state of the no dot under T variety.