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SG117 1867 1s. Green.Pl.4.(IG).Wmk Spray. Superb used, cancelled by a cracking, upright DUNDEE cds for MR.11.69.


SG142 1881 2 1/2d. Blue plate 20, DB on neat cover, Dundee to Marseilles, dated MR.17.81.


SG196 1883/ 84 1/- Dull green, DG, superb used, Dundee cds for AP.2.1885. Fine colour. Rare stamp.


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”. Air Mail envelope with 1s. Block Cypher from Dundee to Brazil via France.


SG43 1874 1d. Rose-red Pl.174 (GF). Exceptionally fine used cancelled by a crisp DUNDEE c.d.s. for MY. 17. 79.


SG43 1877 1d. Rose-red Pl.204 (HJ). DUNDEE Dotted Circle Handstamp.


SG48 1870 1/2d. Rose-red, plate 5, JA. Superb used, tied to a small piece by a delightful Dundee cds.


SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed with an excellent Dundee Scottish Experimental Duplex cancellation.


SG55 1847 1s. Green. Entire from DUNDEE to MASSACHUSETTS…


SG66a 1855/ 57 4d. Pale rose (watermark large garter). Fine used, large part Dundee duplex dated AP.28.58.


SG66a 1857 4d. Rose, fine used pair, Dundee 114 duplex, dated JY.2.1861.


SG7 1841 1d. Red-brown pl. 11, QG. Edinburgh to Dundee, neat mc cancel.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown, NG, on cover to Thurso, cancelled with the Dundee maltese cross.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown.(GC) on entire uncancelled from Dundee to Malta.