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1855 unpaid cover sent to Early, Reading. Charged just 3d. postage due, not double the deficiency?


1891 ½d. Wrapper, sent underpaid, Tullypowrie, OC.16.91 and charged a 1d. postage due on arrival.


1914 2d. Agate “No watermark”, unmounted marginal example with “almost” no watermark due to a papershift during printing.


SG “321” 1912 ½d. Downey on underpaid postcard to CGH (South Africa). Nice Transvaal postage due applied on arrival.


SG172 1886 1/2d. Brown stationery card, uprated with a 1d. lilac bisect, from Cork to Berlin. Charged Postage Due on arrival.


SG172 1901 Queensland to Norwood, London, re-directed on arrival to Switzerland. Underpaid and charged 5c postage due on arrival.


SG192 1884 4d. Dull green, KG. French Postage Due handstamp.


SG213 1900 1/2d. Blue green Jubilee, very fine example, showing large unprinted portion due to a paper fold – part printed on gummed side reversed.


SG218 1902 DLR ½d. Yellowish green corner block of 6. Dramatic mis-perf due to paper fold.


SG218 1908 PPC of Big Ben etc sent London to USA with 2c. postage due on arrival.


SG218 1908 PPC of London with 1/2d. to USA with 2c postage due on arrival. Attractive.


SG357 1917 Postage Due Express Mail, pair 1d. scarlet on Express postcard- very unusual.


SG408 1915 2/6d. DLR Sepia shade on paper with dark brown gum… thought to be a result of the shortages during WWI.


SG419 KGV Profile head 1d. on postcard with the striking variety “ONF for ONE”- due to over-inking; seen mint and therefore maybe constant.


SG420 1924 1 1/2d. Block Cypher G for C variety due to foreign matter on the plate.


SG43 1868 1d. Red pl. 102, IK. Underpaying postage to London with a very fine “Glasgow frying pan” postage due h/s.


SG441 1934 1/12d. Red-brown (Large format) DOUBLE THICKNESS PAPER on centre pair due to a paper join.


SG450 1934 2/6d. Reddish brown. Re-engraved, lightly hinged in a deep shade, due to over-inking. Unusual.




SGD1/ D4 1914 Underpaid cover to Manchester, charged 2½d. due with “Northwest T.P.O Day Down” cds.


SGD2 1914 1d. Carmine Postage Due, paying the late fee on 1d. Downey postcard.


SGD2 1919 Skibereen, Cork postcard sent unpaid to Carrikfergus, charged 2d. Postage Due with fine “2d” handstamp, alongside.


SGD4 1920 2d. Agate Postage Due, Somerset House control D.14 on unfranked envelope with h/s “2d” of Hampstead.


SGD49 1956 Boots envelope, used in London, re-directed to Lambeth Rd. with 2d. Postage Due bisected, then cancelled.


SGD49 1956 Envelope from Hull with 1 12/d Tangier overprint. Only charged 1d. postage due, paid by a bisected 2d. due.


SGD4wj + SGD4var 1914 2d. Agate, watermark inverted and reversed. Lower pair, with marginal pair, having almost no watermark due to a paper shift during printing.


SGD5 1918 3d. Postage Due Die Proof, cleared. The UNIQUE example on small part Royal Mint page.


SGD5 1918 3d. Postage Due Die Proof, uncleared. The UNIQUE example on small part Royal Mint page.


SGD7 1914 5d. Postage due – FIRST DAY of ISSUE, London cds for 20.AP.14. Scarce.


SGO77 1902 9d. Purple and Ultramarine GOVT. PARCELS – broken A due to a disc flaw. Unusual.