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SG439 1935 1/2d. Green (small format) HORN variety, cyl 36, no dot. R1/12. Unmounted, original gum in corner block.


SG439c var. 1935 1/2d. Intermediate format, cylinder E1 no dot. Perf E. Mounted mint.


SG440g var 1935 Photogravure 1d. Intermediate format. Watermark upright, cyl. F1 no dot. Perf. type B4(E).


SG440var 1935 1d. Scarlet. “Photogravure”. Intermediate Format. Control “V/34” and cylinder 25 no dot.


SG441 e. 1935 1½d. Red-brown. Photogravure Small Format. Advert No. 13. Cylinder G24 Dot.


SG441 e. 1935 1½d. Red-brown. Photogravure. Small Format. Advert No. 13. Cylinder G28 No Dot. Spec NB27(13).


SG441e 1935 1 1/2d. Advert pane no.13, cylinder G28 no dot. Excellent perfs and lightly mounted mint.


SG441e var 1935 1 1/2d. Intermediate format, cylinder G4 dot. Perf. I. Mounted mint with very fine perfs.


SG441f 1935 Photogravure. 1 1/2d. Booklet pane. Punched and cancelled 33P, cyl. G30 no dot.


SG443 1935 2 1/2d. Bright Blue. Control Y/36, cylinder 9 dot. Perf. type 5.


SG455 1935 Silver Jubilee 1 1/2d. Control W/35, cylinder 48 dot. perf. 6B (E/P). U/m.


SG456 1935 Silver Jubilee 2 1/2d. Ultramarine, control W/35, cyl. 34 dot. Perf. type 5 (E/I) mounted mint.


SG459a 1936 1 1/2d. Advert pane no.11, G7 dot. Unmounted, B4A(I). Spec PB5(11).


SG459a 1936 Ad pane no.16, cyl. G7 dot. I perf. margin and good perfs.


SG459a 1936 Advert pane no.15, cyl. G7 no dot. Perf B4(E), lightly mounted mint and decent perfs.


SG459a 1936 Advert pane, no.7, cylinder G7 dot. E perf. margin, lightly mounted mint o.g.


SG491 1946 Victory 2½d. Ultramarine, an unmounted block of 6, S46 with the scarce cylinder 9 no dot.


SG503var 1951 ½d. Pale orange “broken middle E of REVENUE” R20/1, cyl. 154, no dot. Spec Q3g.