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1885 ½d. Brown wrapper advertising the “GLOUCESTER JOURNAL” sent from GLOUCESTER to DUNSLEY (Staffs) cancelled by a crisp July 1885 c.d.s.


1891 ½d. Wrapper, sent underpaid, Tullypowrie, OC.16.91 and charged a 1d. postage due on arrival.


1893 ½d. Brown Stationery Newspaper Wrapper. “CROSSE & BLACKWELL’S – MONTHLY PRICES CURRENT” advertising cover.


1893 ½d. Brown Wrapper. Advertising “PRICE’S PALMITINE CANDLES” – sent from LONDON to AMSTERDAM…


1894 Railway Station postmarks, ½d. Stationery envelope from Seaton, Devon to Bletchingly, dated 30th July 1894.


1900 ½d. Brown “REPLY – POST CARD”. Sent from BORAS, SWEDEN 29. 8. 00. to LEEDS.


1902 ½d. Green wrapper advertising “Stubbs’ Weekly Gazette.” Sent locally in LONDON to Strand…


1907 POST CARD – Depicting “Queenie Leighton” (British music hall star of the Edwardian era). The postage being paid by a Victorian ½d. Green stationery cut-out… prohibited up until 1905.


1911 ½d. Deep Carmine. Die Proof of the Accepted Design.


c. 1890 ½d. Brown Wrapper. Advertising “CARRON COMPANY – GAS COOKING & HEATING APPLIANCES” – sent locally in LONDON to Wimpole Street…


c.1890 ½d. Brown Stationery “”FLAGEOLLET & Co.” advertising wrapper – sent underpaid or with handwritten contents from LONDON to PARIS… receiving 40c. French Postage Dues.


c.1890 ½d. Brown Wrapper. Sent from LONDON to DRESDEN… cancelled by the negative triangular “SW” “bag seal” handstamp. Rare item.


D1/8a 1914 – 22 ½d. – 1s. Simple Cypher Postage Dues.


SG141 1876 2 ½d. Rosy mauve, plate 5, FC. Superb used, neat upright Southport cds for SP.11.76.


SG162 & SG187 1883 6d. on 6d. Lilac, plate 18 & 1884 ½d. Slate-blue (x2). Mourning envelope from London to Melbourne, via Brindisi.


SG164 & SG166 1880 ½d. Green and 1d. Venetian red, QF & QG. Used on neat wrapper from Llanelly, Wales to France.


SG164 1880 ½d. Deep Green.


SG164 1880 ½d. Deep Green. Die Proof. Printed in black on white glazed card. Dated 3 NOV 80 and endorsed in manuscript “After Striking”.


SG164/ 165 1880 ½d. “green” plate proof in black on thick, white wove paper.


SG165 1880 ½d. Pale Green. IMPRIMATUR – Plate 2.


SG165 1880/ 81 ½d. Pale green. “B01” trial cancel by DLR in preparing documents of 17.Oct.1884.


SG172 & 200 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II and 1887 2d. Grey-green and Carmine “Jubilee”. Used to uprate a ½d. Brown stationery wrapper sent from MANCHESTER to ITALY…


SG172 & 213 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II and 1900 ½d. Blue-green “Jubilee”. Mourning envelope sent from DUBLIN to HENLEY ON THAMES.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Used to uprate ½d. Brown stationery wrapper for the “MANCHESTER GUARDIAN.” Sent from MANCHESTER to GERMANY…


SG172 1886 1d. Lilac on cover with ½d. Slate blue, London to Aberdovey, Wales.


SG172 1891 Cork cancels on 2x 1d. lilac’s, plus ½d. vermilion, by Book Post.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue on part circular from “Ink, wax and quill merchant”


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. “SPECIMEN” Type 9.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Imprimatur.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Red Western District Numeral “W/5” Handstamp.


SG187 1886 ½d. Slate-blue pair on printed cover from Sandgate, Kent to Girvan.


SG190 1885 ½d. wrapper, uprated with 2 ½d. lilac from Ilfracombe to Germany, dated Dec.16.85.


SG197 & 200/1 1887 ½d. Vermilion, 2d. Grey-green & Carmine and 2½d. Purple on Blue “Jubilee”.


SG197 & 201 1887 ½d. Vermilion and 2½d. Purple on Blue “Jubilee”. Used to uprate ½d. Brown stationery wrapper sent from LONDON to BERLIN…


SG197 – 1887 ½d. Vermilion “Jubilee”.


SG197 – 1887 ½d. Vermilion “Jubilee”. German Stationery card.