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1855 Envelope sent from Portsmouth to Cork without postage… cancelled by the sideways 625 duplex for DE.4.1855.


SG108 1870 Registered envelope, London to New York via Cork with 4d. registration, plus 6d. postage.


SG117 1871 1/- Green, plate 6, CF. Superb used, Macroom, Co Cork cds for JY.11.72.


SG141 1878 2½d. Rosy mauve, plate 10, OK. Nice segmented cork type cancel.


SG166 1880 1d. Venetian red, fancy cork cancels on two pairs, plus 3 singles.


SG168 1880 2d. Pale rose. Very fine used, unusual cork type (segmented) cancel.


SG17/ 42 1856 1d. Star, FJ to Dublin. Cancelled with a bright green CORK spoon.


SG172 1886 1/2d. Brown stationery card, uprated with a 1d. lilac bisect, from Cork to Berlin. Charged Postage Due on arrival.


SG172 1891 Cork cancels on 2x 1d. lilac’s, plus ½d. vermilion, by Book Post.


SG187 1883 ½d. Slate blue paying printed matter rate, with cork type cancel.


SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown, LC14, AE, plate 8. Nice English type Cork spoon in Green, to Dublin.


SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown, LC14, plate 10, PG. On neat envelope, Cork to Dublin.


SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown, plate 6, BG (minute G). Fine used on piece. Nice English type Spoon cancel of Cork, in GREEN.


SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown.Pl.10.(BE).Die II. LC. P.14 on neat envelope CORK to THURLES.


SG48 1870 ½d. Rose-red Pl.6 (OQ). Superb used cancelled by part CORK c.d.s.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown (BK). Cork Maltese Cross.


SG94 1874 4d. Vermilion plate 13, EK, plus 1d. plate 165, Cork to Norway with neat Cork duplex.


SGD2 1919 Skibereen, Cork postcard sent unpaid to Carrikfergus, charged 2d. Postage Due with fine “2d” handstamp, alongside.