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1840 1d. Mulready envelope A170. Bakewell to Langholme, cancelled contrary to regulations, missing Britannia.


1875 Stationery Cut outs on mourning envelope. Contrary to regulations use.


SG14 1841 2d. Blue, plate 3, RI-RJ – shows J flaw. Very fine, used pair. Neat single mc, contrary to regulations, between impressions.


SG14 1849 2d. Blue plate 4, GA-GB pair, with single 62 in diamond cancel of Belfast. Contrary to regulations.


SG15 1841 2d. Deep full blue plate 3, RJ – RK pair. Neat central Scottish No. 1 cancel of Aberdeen. Contrary to regulations!


SG362 & SG375 1917 Additional Medicine Duty 1 1/2d. and 3d. used on covers from Barrow in Furniss, 10/3/17, contrary to regulations.


SG43 1867 1d. Rose-red pl. 91, two singles cancelled by a single 852 numeral of Welshpool – contrary to regulations.


SG43 1869 1d. Rose-red (FB – FC). Superb used cancelled contrary to regulations by a cracking single PENSFORD c.d.s.


SG43 1877 1d. Rose-red Pl.209 (IL). Crossed “1” Handstamps. Fine example of this most unusual and contrary to regulations use.


SG5 1840 2d. Blue, plate 2, NK – NL. Very close at top left, cancelled contrary to regulations.


SG66 1857 4d. Rose-Carmine. Horizontal pair (placed contrary to Post Office regulations) at lower left. Manchester to Frankfurt via Ostende.