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“SG2” 1847 Whiting Essays from Art Journal page. Complete and in above-average condition. Attractive.


1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper. Right hand marginal piece with nine complete impressions and three partials…


1884 1/- Deep Brown, a complete sheet of the NTC Ltd. Unmounted. Attractive and unusual.


1884 1/- NTC Ltd. A complete sheetlet of 12. Unmounted original gum. Attractive and unusual.


1935 Silver Jubilee 6d. “British Postal Order”. Complete with counterfoil.


SG395 1911/ 20 Post Office Savings Bank. Very fine complete page with three examples.


SG395 1911/ 20 Post Office Savings Bank. Very fine complete page with three examples.


SG43 1870 1d. pl. 116 (MI). The Royal Navy Official Mail. Entire from Captain Pitman of H. M. S Black Prince complete with original letter inside.


SG438 1936 Complete Airmail envelope to Argentina, with strip of 3 £1 PUC’s, plus 3d. Photogravure. Spectacular cover.


SG441 1935 1 1/2d. photo. COIL LEADER, “K”. Very fine complete leader with one stamp attached.


SG48 1878 ½d. Rose-red Pl.19 (LW). Superb used tied to small piece by a complete strike of the YARMOUTH/NORFOLK c.d.s. for JA. 9. 79.


SG7 1841 1d. Red-brown, plate 1b, DH. Neat, even margins, complete black maltese cross.


SG70 1856 6d. Pale Lilac. Wmk Emblems. Top marginal pair complete with inscription’…SIX PENCE’ tied to Mourning envelope by the scarce Stockport sideways duplex for DE.26.1856.


SG77 1864 3d. Pale carmine rose on complete Prices Current, Liverpool to Lisbon.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown, AH, Greenock mc. Very fine, almost complete strike of this distinctive mc.


SG81 Wi.1863 4d. Bright Red. Pl.4. Hair Lines. Wmk Large Garter Inverted. Fine used with crisp, almost complete London District (2nd series) ‘E 11’ numeral.


SGBB25 1929 PUC 3/- red booklet, ed. 168. A very fine complete booklet.


SGBB25 1929 PUC 3/- Red on Buff ed. 168. A fine complete booklet.


SGBB28 1935 Silver Jubilee 3/- Booklet ed. 297. Very fine complete example.


SGBB28 1935 Silver Jubilee 3/- Booklet edition 295. Very fine complete booklet.


SGBD11 1937 2/- Blue, ed. 408. Superb complete booklet with Ad. pane no.13 – Scarce.


SGL212 1877 6d. Grey, plate 1, complete imperforate colour standard pane of 20, overprinted Specimen type 9.


SGO68 1890 1/- Dull green GOVT PARCELS. Rare used on complete Parcel Post label.