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SG14 1849 2d. Blue, plate 4, BH. Spectacle variety. An excellent example. Late use with London P16 cancel – variety clearly seen.


SG156 1869 Bristol Cloth Covered Cancels. A selection of 4 stamps, plus one cover, clearly showing this unusual cancel.


SG2 1840 1d. Black pl. 1b (CF), a very fine example on small piece, neatly tied by a red mc. Clearly shows the blurred “C”. Nice margins.


SG241 1909 4d. Orange-red DLR, First Day of Issue. Clearly dated DE.1.1909.


SG350c 1912 1d. Scarlet, watermark sideways. An unmounted corner example, clearly showing this variety. Nice.


SG351var 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green. Printed on the back. Corner pair clearly showing print on the gummed side.


SG40 1867 1d. Rose-red LC14, Alph III/ White, plate 39, EF. Very fine used on small piece, clearly showing double “F”.


SG417a 1919 10/- BW Dull blue, fine used, ex pl. 1/3 left, R1/1, major re-entry. Fine colour and re-entry clearly visible.


SG418 1924 1/2d. Green CANCELLED type 24. Very fine, o.g example clearly showing double overprint.


SG436var 1929 PUC 1 ½d “1829” for “1929”. Superb used in pair on piece with additional 1 ½d., clearly showing this variety.


SG8 1841 1d. Red-brown, plate 20, SI. Fine used and clearly cancelled with 2 maltese crosses. Spec BS9.


SG9b 1843 1d. Red-brown (worn plate) plate 33 (PA). State two, non coincident re-entry. Excellent margins and neat Scottish MC leaving re-entry marks clearly visible.


SGO85 1902/ 4 2 1/2d. Ultramarine Board of Education. Fine used, clearly showing a disc flaw on B of Board.