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1910 10d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Extremely attractive and very rare.


1910 1s. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.


1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour.


1910 3d. Downey Head Hentschel Zinc Block Essay for colour. Second Proof.


1910 3d. Hentschel Zinc Block Half Tone Essay.


1911 Hentschel Zinc Block Essay. 7d. “Grey” from ink “SP6”. Very fine – Cat. £900.


1931 Royal Mint Trial Plate – Dummy stamp. Block of 12.


c.1913 Harrison and Sons “Head” essay in buff. An unmounted block of four with green diagonal stripe overprinted.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose. Wmk Spray.(RA-SB).Superb used block of four.


SG103 1872 3d. Rose, plate 8, SB-TC. Very fresh block, neat Castlerea cds’s for AU.3.1872.


SG109 1869 6d. Mauve. Pl.9.(DG-EH).Without Hyphen. Wmk Spray. Fine used pale shade, wing marginal block of four.


SG117 1867 1/- Green, plate 6, SI-TJ. Very fine used marginal block of 4.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep chestnut, plate 11, NA-OB block of four, Tralee cds’s for JU.7.1872 – “7” inserted by hand.


SG159 1883 3d on 3d lilac KE-LF. Fine used block of four, blue crayon indicating it was used on a registered cover.


SG164 1883 1/2d. Green, block of 4 plus pair, registered 2d., postage 1d. used from Margate to South Hackney.


SG165/ 170 1881 1d. Lilac Die I (14 dots) block of 4 in the rare BLUSH-LILAC shade with 1/2d. pale green, paying the 4 1/2d. registered rate to Canada.


SG167 1880 1½d. Venetian Red. “SPECIMEN” Type 9. Superb unmounted o.g. block of nine. Spec. K4s – Cat. £720+.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown (PG – QI). Die I. SC. P.16. Fine used block of six cancelled by EXETER “285” numerals. Scarce multiple.


SG170/ SG174 1881 1d. Lilac Die I+II, all with “fancy” cancels- inc. die I block 4 – very unusual. Boxed MCA.


SG170s 1881 1d. Lilac die 1, in a reddish shade (ink 950), block of four overprinted SPECIMEN type 9.


SG171 1881 1d. Lilac die I. Fresh marginal block, mounted on bottom pair only. Pale lilac shade. Fresh.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II, 16 dots. Very fine cover bearing a block of four, tied by London E.C cds’s for OC.4.1899.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Inverted “X” Control. Superb unmounted o.g. corner block of six.


SG172Wi 1881 1d. Lilac die II. Inverted Watermark. Superb unmounted corner block of four.


SG172Wi 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Watermark Crown Inverted. Superb unmounted o.g. block of four…


SG172Wi 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Watermark Inverted. Very fine and fresh unmounted o.g. block of four. Cat. £220+.


SG178 1884 2s. 6d. Lilac (PD – GE). White Paper. Good used block of four cancelled by OXFORD ST c.d.s’s for AU. 26. 96. Cat. £1100.


SG188 1884 1½d. Lilac (BG – CI). Superb unmounted o.g. block of six with fabulous fresh deep colour. Brilliant quality.


SG188s 1883/ 84 1½d. Lilac SPECIMEN type 9. Superb unmounted corner block of 9, KA-MC. B row showing blind perfs.


SG188s 1883/ 84 1½d. Lilac SPECIMEN type 9. Superb unmounted corner block of 9, KD-MF.


SG189 1884 2d. Lilac (AN – BO). “SPECIMEN” Type 9. Superb unmounted o.g. top marginal block of four. Spec. K19s.


SG19 1854 2d. Blue pl. 4, AE – BF. SC. .16. Rare used block of four – AF & AF Repaired (from first repair).


SG190 1887 2 1/2d. Lilac block of 4, HH-II, on cover to the Punjab, India.


SG193 1884 5d. Dull green SPECIMEN type 9. A fresh unmounted o.g block, RJ – SK. Gum creasing through top pair, not detracting.


SG196 1884 1s. Dull Green, AG – BH. SPECIMEN Type 9. Superb o.g block of four, 2 u/m, with excellent colour and centring.


SG2 1840 1d. Black Pl.6 (AA – BB). Rare block of four used on cover sent from LONDON to ANDOVER cancelled by neat black MC’s…


SG205 1884 4d. Die Proof. Printed in black on white glazed card.


SG207 1887 5d. Dull Purple and Blue “Jubilee”. Die I. Good used block of nine… LONDON c.d.s. cancellations for JU. 4. 1888.


SG207 1887 5d. Jubilee, die I. A fine used block of 4, with London cds’s. A scarce multiple.


SG208 1887 6d. Purple/ rose-red used block of 6 with Appleby Station cancels. Attractive.


SG209 1887 9d. Dull Purple and Blue “Jubilee”. Superb used block of four cancelled by cracking CHELTENHAM c.d.s’s for JU. 19. 94.


SG210 1890 10d. Dull Purple and Carmine “Jubilee”. Exceptionally fine used block of four.


SG211 1887 1/- Dull green block of 6, neat Cargill Station cancels of the Caledonian Railway. Deep colour.


SG211 1887 1/- Green, block of 6. A tad discoloured, neat Railway Telegraphic numeral cancels, no. 49 of Arthington, NE Railway.


SG211 1887 1/- Green, marginal block of 6, somewhat stained but with neat 260 Railway Telegrapic numerals of Buxted, L+SC Railway.


SG211 1887 1s. Dull Green “Jubilee”. Used block of six with bright mauve NORWICH parcel handstamp…


SG211 1887 Jubilee 1/- Block, plus a pair of 2d.s on small piece, cancelled London L1, late fee duplex.


SG211 1887 Jubilee values to 1/- green, block of 4, cancelled with L1 Late fee duplex of Threadneedle Street.


SG211 1896 1/- Green block of 6 & single, 10d. & 1 1/2d. Jubilee on part parcel piece.


SG218 1902 DLR ½d. Yellowish green corner block of 6. Dramatic mis-perf due to paper fold.


SG218 1902 ½d. Yellowish Green. D.L.R. Blind Perforation. Unused o.g. block of eight…


SG223 1905 1½d. Pale Dull Purple and Green (C). D.L.R. Bottom right corner block of 14 from plates H5/D5.


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine. D.L.R. Superb unused o.g. (lower pair u/m) block of four. Cat. £108+


SG232 1902 3d. Dull Purple on Orange-Yellow. D.L.R. Superb used block of four cancelled by BLAENOGWY (Bridgend) c.d.s’s for JU. 12. 06.


SG232b 1902 3d. Deep Purple on Orange – Yellow DLR. Very fine used block of four cancelled by POOLE double ring cds’s for SP.11.09.


SG24 1856 1d. Star block and pair on cover, Liverpool to Shanghai, neatly cancelled by Liverpool spoon cancels dated SP.2.1856.


SG241 1909 4d. Orange-red. DLR. Superb unmounted original gum, left marginal block of 24.


SG244 1906 5d. Slate purple and ultramarine, chalk surfaced paper, superb unmounted, o.g marginal block of 6.


SG246 1902 6d. Slate Purple. D.L.R. Used block of 16.


SG249 1910 7d. Grey-black DLR ptg. Guernsey 1911 cds’s paying tobacco duty. Very fine block of 25.