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“CANCELLED” – Plate Proofs.


“SG2” 1847 Whiting Essays from Art Journal page. Complete and in above-average condition. Attractive.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A170. Bakewell to Langholme, cancelled contrary to regulations, missing Britannia.


1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet A68, Reading via London, to Basingstoke, dated OCT.13.1840.


1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, A69 cancelled with neat Orange maltese cross.


1841 1d. Mulready lettersheet A34, London to Morpeth, dated AP.21.1841. M/s “Paid 1d. more” postage due.


1842 1d. Pink envelope to Chipping Norton, crisply cancelled with the CLITHEROE maltese cross.


1842 1d. Pink envelope. Neat Edinburgh mc, used locally. Clean and fresh.


1843 1d. Mulready A6, lettersheet ADVERT MA435b for Samuel Hanson.


1843 1d. Mulready letter sheet A236, Advert for ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. sent from London to the Isle of Wight, then re-directed to Reading.


1843 1d. Pink envelope to Ludlow, sent from Knighton (udc on reverse) with a fine, clean mc cancelling the pink.


1843 1d. Pink Envelope.


1843 1d. Pink Envelope.


1844 1d. Pink mourning envelope, Brighton to London. BRIGHTON maltese cross dated 20.AP.1844.


1848 1d. Pink envelope to St. John’s Wood, neatly cancelled by the 61 numeral in oval of bars of Willesden.


1849 1d. Pink sent from HADLEIGH, neatly cancelled with the BLUE 328 numeral.


1849 Stationery 1d. Pink envelope to London, cancelled with a deep blue 784 numeral of Tenby.


1850 1d. Pink sent uncancelled from St. Columb, blue cds JY.31.1850.


1857/1888 ½d. Vermilion with 'SAVORY AND MOORE' private advertising ring in deep vermilion.


1864 Admiralty cover, prepaid “Official Paid” red cds for 10.11.64 and superb DIRECTOR of TRANSPORT SERVICES cachet in blue.


1867 Unpaid envelope, WINDSOR to LYNDHURST.


1868 SGF19 Postal Fiscal, plate 31. IMPRIMATUR.


1876 1/2d. Rose-red, plate 11, EF, on printed Great Northern Railway notice of “Advice of goods carried at station to station rates”.


1878 De La Rue progressive head die of 1878-80, die 3 die proof in black on glazed card, with uncleared surround.


1878 One Penny Farthing – Foreign Post Card. London to Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.


1878 Postal Stationery 1/2d. brown Post Card. “RLB” in oval, possibly a trial cancel. Unaddressed.


1878 SGF22 IMPRIMATUR. Postal Fiscal. Plate 121.


1878 SGF22 Postal Fiscal 1d Imprimatur. Plate 137.


1878/ 80 De La Rue, Progressive head die, 1879 with front of a neck outlined further below the chin.


1879 Tender 1/2d. Brown by Perkins Bacon. Very fine, original gum marginal example on unwatermarked paper.


1881 1d. Pink on Blue Envelope.


1882 1d. Pink Advertising Envelope.


1882/ 1900 Minerva head die proof in black on glazed card, prepared for printing of this “dummy head”.


1883 ½d. Post Card.


1884 1/- Deep Brown, a complete sheet of the NTC Ltd. Unmounted. Attractive and unusual.


1885 20pf blue stamp on cover to Manchester, 23.JU.85. 498 duplex – blue “T” indicating Postage Due.