First UK Aerial Post envelope in scarlet
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First UK Aerial Post

On 9th September 1911 a daily Aerial Post service commenced between London and Windsor, in commemoration of the coronation of King George V. This service ran for a very limited period and only the special pictorial post cards and envelopes could be sent, which could only be bought and posted from selected special boxes placed in establishments around London. You can find more information about this on the GBPS website here.

Envelopes were sold at 1/- each, plus 1d. for internal postage or mail to the British Colonies.

The last day of posting in London was 15th September 1911. Owing to the airman’s strike, the pictured cover was flown on the 25th September. The 2½d. rate was paid using a 1d. Downey and 1½d. Edward VII and the envelope addressed to the Hague, Holland.

This flight had a forced landing at Langley, Berkshire, owing to engine trouble. The mail bags were then collected by car and taken to Windsor Post Office, arriving at 11.25am. The Rotterdam transit of the 26th September confirms delivery from the interrupted flight.

date the item reached its destination

A very nice First Aerial Post and interrupted airmail item. Find it here on our website.