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SG101 1865 Experimental MANCHESTER “498” roller cancel.


SG40 & SG69 1857 Registered envelope from Tarbert, via Glasgow to Edinburgh.


SG45 & 87 1861 2d. Blue Pl.9 (LC & IC) Thick Lines and 1862 9d. Straw Pl.2 (OD wing margin removed).


SG45 & SG83 1861 on envelope from LONDON to ADEN.


SG70 + SG79 1862 Registered cover, London to Macclesfield (Brocklehurst).


SG75 & SG90 1863 Entire from Liverpool to Hong Kong.


SG75 1862 3d. Deep Carmine-rose, plate 8, JB. Used on blue “Grand Lodge” circular wrapper.


SG75 1862 letter from an Eton School boy writing home to his mother in Hurst Green, Sussex, dated 12.JY.62.


SG75 1863 3d. Deep carmine rose, pair on cover, London to Prussia.


SG75 1864 3d. Deep carmine rose, BI, on neat cover London to Rotterdam.


SG76 1863 3d. Carmine on the Daily News, Liverpool to New York, USA.


SG76 1864 3d. Bright carmine rose, pair PK – PL, sent from Devizes to Geneva.


SG76 and SG81 1863 Parliamentary Notice “Ashton under Lyne and Stalybridge Waterworks”.


SG77 & SG97 1866 1d. Pink, uprated with 3d. and 6d. York to Bombay, India.


SG77 1864 3d. Pale carmine rose on complete Prices Current, Liverpool to Lisbon.


SG79 1862 4d. Bright – red intense shade, DE, on cover Liverpool to Paris.


SG79 1862 4d. Bright Red Pl.3 (GL). FRENCH Handstamp.


SG79 1862 4d. Bright red, without hairlines, on cover. London to France.


SG79 1862 4d. Bright Red. Pl.3.(KG). Wmk Large Garter. On neat Ladies envelope. Reading to France, dated MR.14.1862.


SG79 1862 entire from BRADFORD/ YORKS to LILLE.


SG79 1862/ 66 4d. Covers, both to France, “Insufficiently Paid”.


SG79 1863 4d. Bright red on entire from Jersey to St. Malo.


SG80 1862 4d. Pale Red Pl.3 (BG). Wmk Large Garter.


SG80 1865 4d. Pale-red, plate 3, LC, on neat cover, Cardiff to Paris.


SG81 1862/ 64 4d. hairlines pair, RK-RL, on cover, Malta to Messina, Italy.


SG81 1863 4d. Bright Red Pl.4 (IG). Hair Lines. Wmk. Large Garter. FRENCH Handstamp.


SG81 1863 4d. Bright Red, plate 4, ND. Hair lines. Watermark Large Garter. Envelope from South West London to Boulogne.


SG81 1863 4d. Bright red, plate 4. Fine used example lettered CH, on entire from Leeds to Lille, France.


SG81 1863 Registered envelope, South Norwood to Lambeth.


SG81 1863 Welsh registered cover, Carmarthen to Bath. 1d. postage, 4d. registration and neat 167 numerals.


SG81 1864 Registered mourning envelope, Bath to Nottingham.


SG81 1865 4d. Bright red (hairlines) from OTLEY to the Royal Observatory, Cape Town.


SG82 1863 4d. Pale Red Pl.4 (IH). Hair Lines. Wmk. Large Garter. Mourning envelope sent from LONDON to CHAMPAGNEY…


SG82 1863 4d. Pale Red. Pl.4. (AI)& 1s. Green Pl.4 (TF). London to Shanghae, China, via Marseilles.


SG83 1862 6d. Deep Lilac. Pl.3. Wmk Emblems Devenport to Germany.