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1892 PARCEL POST. Label sent from LOWERSTOFT with 3d. Lilac FOREIGN BILL stamp.


SG159 1883 3d. on 3d. Lilac Pl.21 (ED). Wmk. Crown. Used on the rare first Type “PARCELS POST” label of HEMEL HEMPSTEAD…


SG159/ 162 1883 Forfar Parcel Label with 3d/3d and 6d/6d, neat cds for AU.16.83, first month of use of this label.


SG160 1883 Parcels Post label from Longton (Stoke on Trent) with 4d crown watermark + 2x 1d. lilacs.


SG180 1883/ 84 Chorley Parcel Post label with 2/6d., 5/- and 9d. making 8/6d.


SG194 – 1884 6d. Dull Green (IK). “PARCEL POST” label used on a Registered package…


SG194 1884 6d. Dull Green, JS. Used on Parcel Post label for “21, Regent Street/ London, W. (RCO)”.


SG194 1885 PARCELS POST – Woolwich with 6d dull green, neat cds for MY.18.85. Scarce early label.


SG197 & SG205 1896 CLAPHAM RISE parcel post label, with ½d. and 4d. Jubilee’s.


SG197/ SG214 c.1895 Parcel Post label. “Featherstone (under Pontefract)”.


SG202 & SG208 1901 Jubilee Parcel Post label.


SG202 1895 3d. Jubilee on HADLEY, BARNET parcel post label, dated MR.19.1895. Attractive.


SG202 1896 Blue Notting Hill Parcel label with 3d. Jubilee cancelled on AU.4.96.


SG202 1898 3d. Jubilee paying Postage, 2x 1d. Lilacs paying Registration, from Stafford to Switzerland.


SG202 1901 Parcel Post label of Inverness with 2x 3d. Jubilees.


SG203 1895 3d. Deep purple/ yellow on HITCHIN Parcel Post label.


SG205 1897 Market Rasen, (Lincolnshire) Parcel Post Label.


SG205 1900 Parcel Post label with Jubilee 4d., plus 1d. lilac, Akerman Road, North Brixton.


SG206 1895 Kensington Parcel Post label with Jubilee 3d. and 4½d.


SG207a 1902 London district office BLUE parcel label.


SG208 1896 Wigan Parcel label with Jubilee 6d. neatly cancelled on SP.7.1896.


SG208 1901 Parcel Post label, 1d. lilac and 6d. Jubilee on LARBERT label (Scotland).


SG210 1902 South Kensington Parcel Post label with 1d. Lilac and 10d. Jubilee.


SG211 1890 Railway Station postmarks Parcel Post label, used from Priory Street, Dover.


SG214 1901 1/- Green and carmine on MAIDA HILL parcel label.


SGO65 & O66 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green and 6d. Purple on Rose-red. “GOVT. PARCELS”.


SGO65 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green. GOVT. PARCELS. Block of 4 and a pair used on parcel post.


SGO65 & SGO66 1896 POSTAL STORES DEPARTMENT. Parcel label with 6d & 1 1/2d GOVT PARCELS cancelled with London rollwe dated 24.MAR.1896.


SGO65, SGO66 & SGO67 1887/ 90 OHMS Parcel Post label with GOVT. PARCELS o’pts adding up to 1/- 4 1/2d used in London.


SGO66 1887 6d. Purple on Rose-red. GOVT. PARCELS.


SGO66 1887/ 97 Parcel Post Label, London with 6d. Jubilee and 1d. Lilac, overprinted GOVT. PARCELS.


SGO68 1890 1s. Dull Green. GOVT. PARCELS.