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1840 1d. envelope, A138, forme 1, sent by Rowland Hill to Thomas Watson.


1840 1d. Mulready A19, Blue Advert for English & Scottish Law Fire and Life Assurance.


1840 1d. Mulready A250 forme 5 wrapper from Exeter to Helston.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A 150 First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds’s dated MY.6.1840- unusual to find a cds on the front.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A145. Bakewell to Rye, cancelled with a pinkish-red maltese cross and matching despatch cds.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A170. Bakewell to Langholme, cancelled contrary to regulations, missing Britannia.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope, forme 3 stereo 162, used locally in Birmingham. Simply addressed to “The Law Bailiff”. Very unusual.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope. Forme 1, stereo “A 132” Watton to Thetford.


1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet A76, to Ipswich.


1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet sent from Chertsey JY.15.1841 to Clevedon, Bristol.


1840 1d. Mulready letterhead, A18, a superb unused example. Deep fresh colour.


1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet A68, Reading via London, to Basingstoke, dated OCT.13.1840.


1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet A9, used locally in Wolverhampton.


1840 1d. Mulready lettersheet, A212 showing an unusual pre-printing paper fold at right. Lamberhurst to Northiam with Burwash Penny Post.


1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, A69 cancelled with neat Orange maltese cross.


1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, used on LAST SUNDAY, MY.31.40. Bradford to Edinburgh.


1840 1d. Mulready, used locally in London, superb strike of experimental black maltese cross.


1840 2d. Mulready lettersheet, a103, fresh unused with fine colour.


1840 Mulready 1d. envelope A136. The Lord Holland forgery.


1840 Mulready 1d. lettersheet, sent from Andover to Winchester Stamp Office.


1840 Mulready Caricature Southgate, “Ladies School”, used in London, prepaid in cash.


1840 Mulready Caricature Southgate, “Peg Leg Sailor”, used in Cambridge, June 27th 1840.


1840 Mulready Caricature Southgate, “Pick Pocket”, used from Oxford to Taunton via London.


1840 Mulready Caricature. “FORES COMIC ENVELOPES No. 1”. Late Use.


1840 Mulready envelope (A166) Orange maltese cross of Auchterarder.


1840 Mulready envelope, stereo A149, forme 2. London to Wycombe.


1840 Mulready. Stereo A24, Forme 2. Lettersheet. A pretty cover, neatly cancelled by a Bristol vermilion maltese cross and a matching cds for JU.12.1840 to Nuneaton, Coventry.


1840 One penny Mulready, cancelled with an orange red maltese cross, Liverpool to Harrogate.


1841 1d. Mulready lettersheet A34, London to Morpeth, dated AP.21.1841. M/s “Paid 1d. more” postage due.


1842 1d. Mulready wrapper, A19, London to Basingstoke, cancelled contrary to regulations.


1843 1d. Mulready A6, lettersheet ADVERT MA435b for Samuel Hanson.


1843 1d. Mulready A67 Advert, “Samuel Harrison & Son”, sent from London to Warwick.


1843 1d. Mulready letter sheet A236, Advert for ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. sent from London to the Isle of Wight, then re-directed to Reading.


1843 2d. Mulready envelope a195, London No.1 in maltese cross, to Missenden with Amersham cds on front.


1844 1d Mulready Advert Wrapper ‘The Economic Life Assurance Company’


1845 1d. Mulready lettersheet advert for “The Economic Life Assurance Society”.


1846. Late use Mulready 1d. (A21), Southwold to Yarmouth; neat “838” numeral with Southwold Penny Post alongside and crisp receiving cds dated MY.20.1846.


1847 Mulready Advert Wrapper ATLAS ASSURANCE COMPANY


1856 2d. Mulready lettersheet a97, VERY LATE USE! Addressed to Camdonagh, centrally cancelled with an English type Derry Spoon (2nd type).


c.1840 Mulready Caricature, Fores Coaching Envelope No.6. Very fine unused example.


MA109 Unlisted Advert – A228 unallocated form. London to Norwich dated JU.16.1841.


Mulready Caricature: THACKERAY pull on India paper. One of 100 taken, no. 17 together with a pull from the DEFACED plate.


SG170 1881 1d. Lilac, die I, on Whitaker’s Almanack facsimile Mulready.


SG172 1895 1d. Lilac, die II, on Whitaker’s Almanack facsimile Mulready.


SG2 1841 1d. Mulready letter sheet, stereo A54, form 3, uprated with a 1d. black, plate 2, AF.


SG5 1840 Robert Hume Tourist Envelope no.2 with 2d. blue, plate 1, ND, from Leeds to Howden.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet, forme 1. Stereo A8. Fine London use.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. “Late” local London use. Sent on Christmas eve 1845.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet. Form 2. Stereo A23. Edinburgh to Melrose.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Forme 2. Stereo “A 24”.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Reading to Maidenhead, cancelled by a light black MC.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Stereo “A11” – Displaced. Forme 1. LONDON Number “11” in Maltese Cross.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Stereo 21. Forme 2. Sent locally from the Tax Office PERTH (part printed tax demand within) cancelled by a Black MC – redirected and charged 1d. fee.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet. Stereo A19. Forme 1, to Doncaster.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Stereo A241. Forme 5. ORANGE Maltese Cross.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Stereo “A 9”. Forme 1.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Stereo “A242”. Forme 5. “SLOPER’S COMMERCIAL POSTAGE ADVERTISER” printed on the inside…


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Letter Sheet. Very fine used example sent from LLANDILO to LONDON.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready Lettersheet with ‘Atlas Assurance Company’ advert.


SGME1 1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, stereo A18, Lincoln to Spalding with dispatch cds for MY.10.40 on the front. Rare first Sunday use!