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1831 Kilkenny/ 57 mileage with FREE date stamp, dated 17.MR.31.


1837 Large part entire folded into a triangle and sent, Dungannon to Lurgan, Northern Ireland.


1840 May 6th entire letter, London to Alnwick.


1841 SG7 1d. Red-brown, plate 11, CE, entire Birmingham to Derby.


1841 Stampless Entire.


1841 Wrapper, Glasgow to Cockburnspath, sent unpaid with just a superb black maltese cross at top right.


1844 Registered entire, London to Edinburgh. Registration and postage paid in cash (1/- plus 1d.)


1847 The Post Magazine used in Liverpool.


1855 unpaid cover sent to Early, Reading. Charged just 3d. postage due, not double the deficiency?


1857 Unpaid envelope to Switzerland, struck with LIVERPOOL Spoon type C4, re-cut.


1859 1d. Pink Envelope. Uprated with 2d. Blue Pl.7 (SG45) and 4d. Carmine (SG66) and sent by Registered mail from LEICESTER to ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH.


1870 Stampless cover, London to Stockholm, Sweden.


1876 1/2d. Rose-red, plate 11, EF, on printed Great Northern Railway notice of “Advice of goods carried at station to station rates”.


1886 1d. Pink Advertising ring in buff of W.T Avery of Birmingham.


Birmingham Letter Carrier Handstamp. Three different examples.


London to Bishops Stortford. TP Cornhill and very fine black MC.


SG1 1840 1d. Intense black, plate 5, JE on wrapper from Glasgow to London.


SG1 1840 1d. Intense Black.(KI-PJ). Pair on cover.


SG1 1840 May 6th local Edinburgh letter, “1” in red ink, indicating cash prepayment.


SG1 1840 May 6th superb entire, London to Bingley.


SG101 1866 1/- Green, plate 4, GD. Plus 2d. blue, plate 9, KD, on entire from London to New York, per “City of Paris” via Queenstown.


SG104 & SG45 1867 6d. Lilac, plate 6 and 2d. Blue, plate 9, both cancelled by the 4 bar Manchester 498 duplex.


SG108 1870 Double rate entire, 8d. to Genoa with 6d. Dull violet, plate 8 and 2x 1d. Reds plate 140.


SG109 1870 2d. plate 13, paying “L2” late fee on cover, London to Paris.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw. Pl.4. Wmk Spray & x3 SG43 1d Pl.156


SG117 & SG43 1869 1/ 1d. rate via Marseilles from Pinner, London to Colombo, Ceylon.


SG117 1868 2d. Blue stationery OHMS envelope, “H.M.S Britannia” imprint.


SG117 1868/ 70 Transatlantic trio of covers from the same correspondence to New York, USA.


SG12 1844 1d. Orange-brown (RI). Constant Variety. Four margined example on wrapper sent from TAIN to EDINBURGH.


SG127 1877 Large cover to New Zealand with 5/-, plate 2, HA, 4d. vermilion (some damage) and 1d. paying the Late fee.


SG13 1843 2d. Pale-blue, plate 3, II-IJ, superb pair on entire, London to Ludlow.


SG13/ 14 1844 Transatlantic entire. Leamington to Burlington, New Jersey, North America.


SG138 1875 2½d. Rosy mauve, plate 1, blued on cover, London to Wurttemberg, Germany.


SG138 1876 Registered cover, Dublin to Genova, via London with 4d. Registration and 2 1/2d. postage.


SG139 1875 2 1/2d. Rosy mauve, plate 2, watermark Anchor, NA. On cover, London to Cognac.


SG14 & 8 1841 2d. Blue, plate 3 (JL – J Flaw) and 1841 1d. Red-brown, TE. “Southwold Penny Post” handstamp.