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SG162 & SG187 1883 6d. on 6d. Lilac, plate 18 & 1884 ½d. Slate-blue (x2). Mourning envelope from London to Melbourne, via Brindisi.


SG164+ SG187 1889 Registered envelope, London to Hannover.


SG187 1883 ½d. Slate blue paying printed matter rate, with cork type cancel.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate blue, neat dumb cancel London, sent at printed paper rate but sealed and fined 1/2d. Postage Due.


SG187 1884 1/2d. Slate-blue. Small envelope sent underpaid at the 1/2d. printed matter and Post Card rate.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue and SG192 4d. Green, Registered from Newcastle to Hamburg.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue on part circular from “Ink, wax and quill merchant”


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue.


SG187 1884 ½d. Slate-blue. Red Western District Numeral “W/5” Handstamp.


SG187 1885 1/2d. Slate blue “Roads and Bridges Assessment” printed form from Blairgowrie.


SG187 1885 Foldout Christmas card in the form of an imitation envelope with an imitation “Christmas” wax seal.


SG187 1886 1/2d. Slate blue pair on entire Kilburn to Staines, dated MY.15.86.


SG187 1886 ½d. Brown post card, uprated with a ½d. Blue with Charing Cross Hoster Machine cancel.


SG187 1886 ½d. Slate-blue pair on printed cover from Sandgate, Kent to Girvan.


SG187, SG188 & SG191 1886 2d. Registered envelope, Leeds to USA.


SG188 1884 1½d. Lilac (AK). Used to uprate 1d. Pink stationery envelope sent from BRIGHTON to CANADA cancelled by a neat “132” duplex for NO. 29. 89.


SG188 1884 1½d. Lilac, KD, on hand drawn envelope, London to Portsmouth, dated MY.14.84.


SG189 & 190 1884 2d. Lilac (DM) and 2½d. Lilac (LM & KQ).


SG190 1883 2½d. Lilac on small cover, London to Rotterdam.


SG190 1884 2½d. Lilac (CR).


SG190 1884 2½d. Lilac (FM). HOSTER Machine Trial Cancellation… single rim with 14 bars.


SG190 1884 2½d. Lilac (KL & LK).


SG190 1884 2½d. Lilac on mourning cover from Blandford, Dorset to Boston and re-directed to Ipswich.


SG190 1884 2½d. Lilac, AT. Right hand marginal on envelope, sent from Jersey to Finister, France.


SG190 1885 2 1/2d. Lilac on cover to Germany, neatly cancelled with the Hoster machine cancel.


SG190 1885 2 1/2d. Lilac on cover, Edinburgh to Suez, Egypt.


SG190 1885 2 1/2d. Lilac on neat entire to New York, neatly cancelled with a London cds dated 18.JY.85.


SG190 1885 ½d. wrapper, uprated with 2 ½d. lilac from Ilfracombe to Germany, dated Dec.16.85.


SG190 1886 2 1/2d. Lilac on cover to California, neat Portaskaig cds, dated MR.24.86, with double ring IONA STEAMER cds.


SG190 1886 2½d. Lilac on cover to Florence. Neat London SW/ 52 duplex, dated May.17.86.


SG190 1887 2 1/2d. Lilac block of 4, HH-II, on cover to the Punjab, India.


SG191 1884 3d. Lilac (FI). Used on Notice of Objection addressed to DINAS…


SG192 1884 4d. Dull Green (JL). Envelope sent from LONDON to the LOYALTY ISLANDS…


SG192 1885 4d. Dull green strip of 3, paying the 1/- rate, London to Costa Rica.


SG192 1885 4d. Green MF. London to Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia via Sydney.


SG193 1884 5d. Dull Green (AJ). Envelope from ISLE OF MAN to OHIO, USA…


SG193 1884 5d. Dull Green (RI). Exceptionally fine used affixed at left on envelope from STOCKWELL to SINGAPORE.


SG193 1884 5d. Dull green on cover, London to Shanghae.


SG193 1884 5d. Dull Green, CJ. Superb used on envelope from Fulham to New York.


SG193 1884 Isle of Wight, 1d. lilac and 5d. green (good colour), cancelled by Ventnor duplex’s, NO.6.84.


SG193 1885 5d. Rate to Calcutta via Brindisi with 5d. Dull green, DA.


SG193 1885 Machine cancel, Hoster. On 5d. dull green to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Singapore.


SG193 1886 2d. Registered envelope up-rated with 1/2d., 1d’s x2 plus 5d. Green. London to Paris.


SG193 1886 Registered Whitfield King, Ipswich cachet on reverse.


SG194 1884 6d. Green on entire, Richmond to Fiji. Neat D21 duplex dated OC.30.84.


SG194 1885 6d. Dull green on cover to Natal, South Africa. Nicely cancelled with the 27B duplex of Stockwell.


SG194 1885 6d. Dull green on mourning cover from Sidmouth to Natal, re-directed on arrival to the gold fields at Moodies Reef.


SG196 1884 Registered envelope, St. Andrews to Australia with pair 1/- greens & 2d. lilac.


SGL201 1886 1/2d. Orange plate 5 plus 1/2d. Slate blue, used together on London front.