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SG373 1920 2½d. Indigo blue on mourning envelope, sent AIRMAIL EXPRESS, Croydon to Paris.


SG399 / SG401 1914 Waterlow 2/6d. & 5/- on superb matching Registered covers to Germany.


SG410 1918 5/- DLR on Registered 2d. Stationery envelope, sent insured to Switzerland, dated 22.MY.18.


SG413a – 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”.


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse” and SG429 1s Block Cypher. Used on AIr Mail envelope from Glasgow to Brazil.


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”.


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”. Air Mail envelope with 1s. Block Cypher from Dundee to Brazil via France.


SG413a 1919 Special 2/6d. Express Fee on cover to Paris.


SG413a 1931 Registered Airmail envelope, Warrington to Australia via Holland.


SG413a 1934 Bradbury 2/6d. and 2x 9d. on Air Mail cover.


SG414 1928 Catapult Air Mail, Plymouth to New York


SG414 1928 French Catapult mail; Registered cover to New York, USA from Liverpool.


SG414 1933 Airmail cover, Stoke Newington to USA via Brazil.


SG414 1934 2/6d. BW Chocolate brown on Airmail envelope, London to Buenos Aires.


SG414 1934 Bradbury 2/6d. on Airmail cover, London to Chile, S. America


SG415 1918 2s.6d. Reddish-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”.


SG415a 1934 Airmail envelope, advertising British Tyres. From Erdington (Birmingham) to Chile


SG416 & 426a 1919 5s. Rose-red Bradbury and 6d. Purple. Used Air Mail envelope from London to Brazil, “via France”.


SG416 1934 Registered Airmail envelope, Bath to Buenos Aires.


SG417 & SG452 1935 London to Australia, with 2/6d. re-engraved, plus 10/-BW.


SG417 1933 Airmail cover to Brazil with 14/- in stamps.


SG417 1933 Airmail cover, London to Chile via France.


SG417 1934 Airmail cover to Chile, via France


SG417 1934 Airmail cover, London to Chile with £1.4.0 affixed.


SG417var 10/- Steel blue, plus 2x 1/’s on Airmail cover, London to Chile


SG432/ 433 1925 Wembley set on Registered Airmail envelope to Estonia.


SG450 -1938 AIRMAIL from WEM, SHREWSBURY to Argentina.


SG450 1935 Registered Airmail cover from London to Buenos Aires.


SG450/ 452 1937 Airmail Express envelope, London to Australia, franked £2 18/-, with re-engraved seahorses.


SG451 1934 5s. Bright Rose-red. Re-enraved seahorse on Air Mail cover to Buenos Aires, Argentina.


SG451/ 452 1935 5/- and 10/- re-engraved on Bank envelope, London to New Zealand, sent Airmail.


SG452 & SG426a 1934 10s. Indigo re-engraved Seahorse and 1926 6d. Purple Block Cypher.


The ‘Sea Horse’ Watermark Paper.