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SG318 1913 Parcel label, London to Hankow, China with Ed. 7th stamps & KGV 4d. & 1d., making 9/- 1d. with Hankow receiver.


SG369var 1917 Parcel Post label, THRAPSTON.


SG377var 1916 3d. Very pale violet pair on Parcel Post label.


SG377var 1916 London blue parcel post label from SUTTON.


SG379 1914 Parcel Post label with 4d. Royal Cypher of Cranleigh (under Guildford).


SG382 1918 5d. Yellow-brown on parcel post label of Stapehill (Dorset).


SG387 1917 Witchampton (under Wimborne) Parcel Post label.


SG392 1915 Parcel Post on package label to Leicester with 9d. Agate.


SG392 1922 9d. Agate pair on Parcel Post label. RICKMANSWORTH (Chenies).


SG392var 1920 9d. Very deep agate, superb cds used on Parcel Post label, South Norwood.


SG413a 1918 2s.6d. Olive-brown. Bradbury “Sea Horse”. Used on “PARCEL POST” label of Leeds…


SG427 1924 9d. Olive-green. Block Cypher.


SG449 1937 Part parcel wrapping to South Africa, stamps to the value of 5/3d.


SG452 1934 10s. Indigo. Re-engraved Seahorse Parcel Tag with three 10s on the front.


SG452 1934 10s. Indigo. Re-enraved “Sea Horse”.