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1911 1/2d. Green. Post card. Very fine used. First Day of Issue and Coronation Day!


1911 Junior Philatelic Society envelope to New York, USA.


1911 ½d Unofficial “paste-up”.


1912 Wilkinson Coin Fed Machine Cancel, used from London to Rickmansworth.


1912 Wilkinson Coin Fed Machine Cancel, used on the First Day of Use, JA.25.12


1912 Wilkinson Experimental Slot Machine. Cover to Catford with a neat impressed LONDON E.C/ POSTAGE PAID in magenta.


1913 ½ Green KGV Downey used on Post Card of Loch Lomand.


1d. Red on deep buff. Military Postal Stationery. 'FIELD POST OFFICE/H.2'. FE.5.1915.


SG254var 1905 Registered letter, London to Paris with 6d. late fee, 2d registration and 7 1/2d. postage (triple rate) – 1/ 3 1/2d.


SG272 1911 Broadford, Isle of Skye, Scotland to Freiburg, Germany


SG291 1912 Registered envelope, London to Canada “by Direct packet”.


SG321 1911 1/2d. Pale Green. Die 1A. Wmk Crown. “First U.K Aerial Post”. London to Windsor. Addressed to Minehead.


SG321 1911 Brown postcard to Switzerland, then re-directed to Paris with 2x 1/2d. Downeys.


SG321 1911 Coronation postcard of Procession with unusual “paste up” ½d. plus normal alongside.


SG321 1911 Downey ½d. Post Card, uprated with ½d. to Germany, from Liverpool. Dated JU.22.11 – the first day of issue for both.


SG321 1911 First UK Aerial Post, red-brown postcard, London to Windsor, with far too many stamps!


SG321 1911 Windsor Flight postcard, red-brown, uprated to a 1d. and sent to Germany.


SG321 1911 ½d. Downey Post Card, uprated with ½d & 1d. to Port Moresby, Papua N.G, dated JU.22.1911 – the First Day of issue.


SG321 1911 ½d. Edward VII Post card, uprated with ½d. Downey.


SG321 and SG327. 1911 ½d. Pale Green, 1d Scarlet. Die 1A. Wmk Crown. First Day of Issue.


SG321 c.1910 Novelty card, depicting a Capstain and a fisherman.


SG322 1911 ½d. Green, Die 1A, wmk Crown pair on advertising envelope to Ulverston.


SG322 a. 1911 ½d. Green. Die 1A. Perf 14. Very fine, used on Great Yarmouth Post Card.


SG322a 1911 ½d. Green, due 1a, perf. 14 picture post card, Gt. Yarmouth to London.


SG322a 1911 ½d. Green. Error Perforated 14. Picture Post Card, ‘The Tents, Gorleston-on-Sea’,


SG322a 1911 ½d. Green. TUNBRIDGE WELLS to HASTINGS. A very late use of this stamp!


SG323 1911 ½d. Bluish Green. Horizontal pair used on Post Card from Manchester (depicting Royal Informary) to Brussels, /belgium.


SG324 & SG326 1911 Windsor to London Aerial Post Card.


SG324 1911 ½d. Yellow-green. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. “POST CARD” depicting La Coupee, Sark.


SG324 Var. 1911 ½d. Very Deep Green. Die 1B. Used on Post Card from Camberwell, depicting Loch Lomond.


SG325 1911 ½d. Bright-green. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Used on “FIRST U.K. AERIAL POST” Post Card.


SG327 1911 First UK Aerial Post – red envelope (inc. contents) with 1d. Downey + 1 1/2d. Edward.


SG327 1911 First UK Aerial Post, London to Belgium, dated SP.9.1911.


SG327 1911 Red envelope sent to Paris with two 1d. Downeys & 1/2d. Edward VII.


SG327 1911 Windsor flight envelope with 1d. downey, with W. S. Lincoln stamp dealer label attached.


SG328 Railway Station postmarks; “Sunningdale Station / Ascot”, cancelling strip of 3 1d’s on Registered cover to Wimbledon.