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SG193 1885 5d. Dull green on registered letter, London to Qubec.


SG206 1895 London to Saxony, Registered with 2x 2½d. plus 4½d.


SG206 1896 4½d. Jubilee on neat Registered envelope, Tottenham Court Rd to Switzerland.


SG215 & 250 1902 ½d. Dull Blue-green and 1902 9d. Dull Purple and Ultramarine. D.L.R.


SG218/ SG219 1910 QV Stationery cut outs, 2x ½d. Brown on Registered envelope.


SG218/9 & 234 1902 ½d. Yellowish Green, 1d. Scarlet and 2 x 3d. Purple on Lemon (C). D.L.R.


SG219 & 245 1902 1d. Scarlet and 6d. Pale Dull Purple. D.L.R.


SG219 1907 6d. Cut out from a Telegraph form with 1d. on a registered cover.


SG219 1910 Special Registration rate of 3d. Dumbarton to Dalmuir.


SG221, 225 & 245 1902 1½d. Dull Purple and Green, 2d. Yellowish Green and Carmine-red and 6d. Pale Dull Purple. D.L.R.


SG225 + 230 1903 Registered “Red bible” advertising envelope, Rugby to Philadelphia.


SG225 1902 Registered envelope addressed to Trier, Germany.


SG225 1904 1d. Stationery envelope, sent registered, Bedford to London.


SG227 1906 STO registered envelope to Leipzig, Saxony.


SG228var 1910 2d. Grey-Green & Scarlet (C) D.L.R. Big “R” (Pl. H2, R. 6/8). Used with 2½d. D.L.R. on Registered envelope to AUSTRIA.


SG229 1907 2d. Dull Blue-green and Carmine (C). D.L.R.


SG230 & SG257 Registered and insured stationery envelope to Berlin.


SG230 1911 Uniform Penny Postage Jubilee 1d. Blue. Registered envelope, Kilburn, London to Berlin.


SG230 and SG242 1906 Registered and Insured cover from Bath to Berne, Switzerland.


SG232b 1903 Registered 1d. Stationery envelope, Norwood to USA.


SG232c 1906 3d Pale Red-Purple on Orange-Yellow (C). D.L.R.


SG235 1902 4d. Green and Grey-brown. D.L.R.


SG246a 1910 3d. Brown registered envelope, London to Germany.


SG249 1910 7d Grey-black. D.L.R marginal pair and SG241 4d. Orange on registered cover to Bavaria.


SG250var 1905 9d. Slate purple and deep ultramarine pair on Registered envelope.


SG257 1902 1s. Dull Green and Carmine D.L.R Large Registered envelope from LONDON to FRANKFURT, GERMANY.


SG257 1902 Registered envelope, London to New York.


SG257 1903 Registered stationery envelope, Liverpool to Frankfurt, Germany.


SG257 1904 Registered envelope, London to New York, franked 2/9d.


SG257 1904 Registered envelope, London to New York.


SG260 1904 British Levant. Registered envelope to King Carol of Rumania.


SG260 1905 2/6d. Lilac on registered cover from London.


SG262var 1911 2/6d. Slate purple (chalky) on registered “legal” size envelope.


SG263 + SG316 1912 British Levant, Registered envelope, Smyrna to Paris.


SG264 1907 5/- Deep bright carmine, used on Registered cover, Birmingham to Hamburg, Germany.


SG277 1930 3d. Purple on lemon Harrison p.14 on Registered Leeds cover.