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SG261 1905 2s. 6d. Pale Dull Purple (C). D.L.R. Used on Leeds Parcel Post label tied by roller cancellation.


SG207a 1902 London district office BLUE parcel label.


SG250 1902 DLR 2d. & 9d. on parcel post label from LEWISHAM, LEE BRIDGE S. E.


SG293var 1912 London Parcel label with 5d. Somerset with Maida Hill cds’s JU.26.12.


SG239 1909 4d. Brown orange on London Parcel Post label, in blue for ease of regognition by GPO staff.


SG263 1904 London (Clapton) Parcel Post label with 5/- bright carmine, plus 2x 1/- and 6d, making 7/ 6d.


SG314 1913 Frome Parcel Post label with 9d. M41(5) & 1/- M47(5). Neat cds for NO.4.13.


SG317 1913 Parcel Post on tag to Finland with 2/- 6d. & 1d., Stewarton double ring cds for MR.27.13


SG318 1913 Parcel label, London to Hankow, China with Ed. 7th stamps & KGV 4d. & 1d., making 9/- 1d. with Hankow receiver.


SG239 1909 4d. Brown orange superb cds example on Islington Parcel label.


SG244 1910 Parcel tag, London to Vienna with 1/6d, paying postage. Perfined 3d. plus 3 x 5d.’s. Attractive.


SG261/ SG247 1906 Parcel Post label, London, Sydenham, with 2/6d & 6d neatly cancelled “Sydenham, nr. Station S.E”.


SG286 1911 4d. Bright Orange. Harrison. P.15 x 14. Used on a fine “PARCEL POST” label of Llanover Road, Wembley…