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1912 KGV Profile Head Die Proof – Coinage Head Die Stage 1g.


1915 9d. Brown stamped to order, folded envelope, addressed to Edam, Holland.


Foreign Bill Stamps: Two envelopes one with 1d. and the other with 3d. stamps affixed sent locally in STATHAM.


SG10 1841 1d. Deep Red-brown (BD).


SG103 1871 3d. Rose (SC – TD). Wmk. Spray.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw Pl.4 (EC – ED). Fabulous used pair.


SG110 1867 9d. Straw, pl. 4, SH. Superb part Telegraphic cancel (Scotland). Nice colour and unusual.


SG112Wi 1867 10d. Red-brown Pl.1 (FB). Watermark Spray Inverted.


SG125 1873 6d. Grey Pl.12 (MD). Wmk Spray. “PD” in Circle Handstamp.


SG126 1867 5/- Rose pl. 1, EE. Neat Telegraphic 1438 cancel on stamp with fresh colour.


SG126 1867 5s. Rose (CF). Wmk Maltese Cross.


SG14 & 8 1841 2d. Blue, plate 3 (JL – J Flaw) and 1841 1d. Red-brown, TE. “Southwold Penny Post” handstamp.


SG151 1880 1s. Orange-brown pl. 13, wmk spray, NL.


SG152 1876 4d. Vermilion (QE – QF). “SPECIMEN” Type 9.


SG156 1877 8d. Orange + 6d. Grey plate 15, paying the 1/2d. Rate, up to 1/2oz, Deal to Shanghae via Brindisi and Hong Kong.


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue (AJ). BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE – EGYPT Handstamp (Type ZA1).


SG161 1881 6d. Grey, plate 18, OJ. Very fine original gum example.


SG163 1881 1/- Orange brown, plate 13 KC – LD, perfined “L/ C+S”.


SG168 1889 2d. Pale Rose.


SG178 1883/ 84 2/6d. Lilac, AG. Superb u/m marginal example.


SG180 1884 5s. Rose (JA). White Paper. Fine used, light crease, cancelled by a crisp WEST PIER – BRIGHTON c.d.s. for NO. 27. 88. Rare cancellation.


SG180 1884 5s. Rose, LC. White paper. LANGHAM PLACE HOTEL cds for OC.1.90. Scarce London cancellation.


SG191 1884 3d. Lilac (IE – JF). Superb unused o.g. block of four… lower pair unmounted.


SG198 1887 1½d. Dull Purple and Pale Green “Jubilee”. BALTASOUND Mail Bag Seal.


SG2 1840 1d. Black pl. 1b, GL. Non Coincident re-entry, Spec AS5b. Very fine marginal inscription example, in at bottom left.


SG2 1840 1d. Black Pl.2 (AA). MAY 14th. 1840. Local LONDON cover tied by a neat red MC… very scarce May date and the first stamp in the sheet!


SG201 1887 2½d. Purple on Blue “Jubilee”. Delightful decorative envelope adorned with wild Roses…


SG202s 1887 3d. Purple on yellow SPECIMEN Type 12. Very fine o.g example, struck diagonally.


SG207 1887 5d. Dull Purple and Blue “Jubilee”. Die I.


SG212 1891 £1 Green “Jubilee”.(QA).


SG219 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R. A pair of hand drawn envelopes sent from SWANSEA to LISMORE, Ireland…


SG230 1902 2½d. Ultramarine. D.L.R. Superb unused o.g. (lower pair u/m) block of four. Cat. £108+


SG250 1902 9d. Dull Purple and Ultramarine. D.L.R. Superb unmounted o.g. Spec. M39(1).


SG29 1855 1d. Red-brown. Pl.27 (KH – LJ). Die II. LC. P.14. Unused part o.g. block of six in a most unusual “Bronze” shade.


SG292 1912 2d. Grey-Green and Bright Carmine. S. House.


SG3 1840 1d. Grey-Black (PE) Worn Plate. Letter “P” with Small Loop.