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1879 Tender Perkins Bacon essay. 2d. Green in die proof format.


1882 Christmas Eve; stunning hand painted Mulready design, by E. Leech, R. A.


1888 Contract note, 6d., 1/- and 1/6d. values, overprinted SPECIMEN.


1901 10d. Stationery stamp, paste up essay with an embossed frame in brown and white.


1901 Photographic essay of King Edward VII with almost full face portrait in military uniform.


c.1860 CHANCERY COURT watermarked paper, “two maces” and “J. J. Johnson” in margin.


c.1911 Coil Trials. “INTERNATIONAL STAMPING MACHINE Co. Ltd”. For use in the Fixo machine. Unmounted o.g. vertical pair.


c.1911 Perforation trials on Crown watermark gummed paper.


SG1 1840 1d. Intense Black Pl.1b (RJ).


SG1 1840 1d. Intense Black, plate 5, TK. Excellent square cut margins.


SG102 1886 3d. Rose-red, plate 8, KA-LD. Superb cds marginal block of 8.


SG103 1867 3d. Rose.Pl.8.(BA-CB).Wmk Spray. Crisp Downpatrick cds’s JY.16.72. Very fresh.


SG103 1872 3d. Rose, plate 9, EB. Very fine used, light Dublin cds- missing year slugs!


SG103sa 1867 3d. Rose, plate 6, SK, overprinted SPECIMEN type 8.


SG113 1867 10d. Pale Red-brown Pl.1 (RK). Delightful used example cancelled by part numeral leaving a clear profile. Cat. £400.


SG117 1867 1/- Green, plate 6, KB, “double plate no. at right”. Very fine used, marginal with neat Mumbles cds.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep Chestnut, plate 11, GH. Superb used, crisp Lennoxtown (Stirling) cds.


SG125 1873 6d. Grey Pl.12 (LA – LB). Wmk. Spray. VALPARAISO Handstamp. Fine pair with a superb crisp strike of the Chilean c.d.s.


SG125 1873 6d. Grey Pl.12 (QD). GIBRALTAR Handstamp.


SG14 1841 2d. Blue, plate 3, very fine used. No.1 in maltese cross.


SG14 1842 Entire from Rome to Lord Clifford in London, re-directed to Bath with additional 2d. blue, plate 3, KL.


SG141 1879 2½d. Rosy mauve, plate 16, ED. Very lightly mounted mint, original gum.


SG142 1880 2½d. Blue, plate 20, FG. Neat Liverpool squared circle.


SG146 1874 6d. Die proof in black on glazed card.


SG163 1881 1/- Orange-brown, plate 14 Imprimatur.


SG17 1854 (Nov) 1d. Red-brown, SC16, but PERF 7 at left. Sound used example.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown (AB). Die I. SC. Imprimatur. Superb top marginal example with lovely fresh colour. Cat. £1500.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown (OL). Die I. SC. P.16. Spec C1. Partial imperforate at right.


SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, IC, cancelled with Queens Street Scots local.


SG17/ 42 1857 Envelope from Hamilton, Victoria, to Tres(h)nish, Isle of Mull.


SG17/ 42 1862 1d. Star, TI, on neat envelope, Cork to Liverpool.


SG17/ SG42 1860 1d. Pale rose-red, p.14, OB, on neat mourning envelope to Southport.


SG172 1901 1d. Lilac on hand drawn cover, Stroud to Penarth.


SG187 1883/ 84 ½d. Slate blue. Very fine, unmounted corner block of 4.


SG188s 1883/ 84 1½d. Lilac SPECIMEN type 9. Superb unmounted corner block of 9, KA-MC. B row showing blind perfs.


SG19 1854 2d. Blue Pl.4 (BI). Used example with a dramatic misplacement of perforations…