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1842 2d. Mulready front addressed to Wareham and sent Registered.


1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare “Missent To/ Railway Post Office” in black.


1882 2d. Blue Envelope with Silk Threads. Superb used example cancelled by a cracking LIVERPOOL squared-circle for MY. 24. 82.


1884 1/- NTC Ltd. A complete sheetlet of 12. Unmounted original gum. Attractive and unusual.


1905 ½d. Die proof in black on glazed card, “BEFORE HARDENING”.


1907 De La Rue Britannia head Dummy stamp die proof.


1912 1d. Violet “Ideal Stamp”.




c.1900 Community of Southampton Revenue stamp “Fine or Fee Stamp” in sheetlet of 9.


c.1900 Superb engraved proof of Edward VII in Military Uniform.


C.1910 De La Rue “Minerva Head” Colour Trials for Promotional Sample Stamps.


C.1920 Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd. Lithographic colour sample “24” Slate on unwatermarked paper.


SG101 1865 Experimental MANCHESTER “498” roller cancel.


SG102 1871 3d. Deep Rose Pl.7 (JH). “No.1” Handstamp. Telegraphic cancel.


SG102 1871 3d. Deep rose, plate 7, CI-DJ. Very fine used block, 543 telegraphic cancels.


SG103 1867/ 80 3d. Rose, plate 8, DD. Superb used. Crisp BLUE telegraphic cancel. Quite spectacular!


SG110 1867 9d. Straw Pl.4 (NC). Very fine used cancelled by a neat strike of the QUEENSTOWN “157” numeral. Nice Irish use. Cat. £325


SG117 1871 1/- Green, plate 5, JI. Fine used, neat 973 in circle; Telegraphic cancel of Newcastle upon Tyne.


SG117 1871 1s. Green Pl.6 (SI). Telegraph “No.1B” Handstamp.


SG126 1867 5s. Rose. Pl.1. (GJ). Wmk Maltese Cross. Very fine used with excellent colour and FLEET STREET cds dated OC.15.72.


SG14 1841 2d. Blue, plate 3 (A?) struck by the distinctive NORWICH maltese cross.


SG14 1849 2d. Blue plate 4, GA-GB pair, with single 62 in diamond cancel of Belfast. Contrary to regulations.


SG14 1849 2d. Blue, plate 3, HK. Fine four margin example on piece, 838 numeral of Southwold.


SG14 1849 2d. Blue, plate 4, SA. Huge margined example with neat 1844 numeral cancel.


SG14 and SG19 1854 Registered wrapper, Manchester to Macclesfield (Brocklehurst correspondence).


SG141 1879 2½d. Rosy mauve, plate 16, ED. Very lightly mounted mint, original gum.


SG141 1881 2 1/2d. Rosy mauve, plate 14, JG, overprinted Cyprus, on entire. Cancelled by the 942 of Larnaca, Cyprus on 3rd April 1881.


SG142 1880 2½d. Blue (OE). Wmk Orb. Pl.17


SG143 1879 3d. Rose, plate 20, QG. Very fine used example of this rare plate.


SG147 1874 6d. Grey, plate 14, BH. Very fine and lightly hinged.


SG150 1873 1/- Green, plate 13, TE. Superb unmounted, original gum, marginal example.


SG150 1873 1s. Green. Wmk Spray.(EE-EF). Fine used bottom left corner wing marginal pair.


SG153 1877 4d. Sage-green, plate 16, MH. Very fine, lightly hinged.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange, AK-BL corner block of 4. Unmounted original gum.


SG156 1876 8d. Orange, QI. A very fine, original gum example with bright, fresh colour.


SG156 1876 8d. Pale orange-yellow colour trial. Unmounted, original gum.