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1857 1d. Pink, superbly cancelled with the largest spoon cancel of Wolverhampton.


1879 Tender Essay – Charles Skipper & East.


1881 F23 1d Imprimatur. Plate 143.


1883 De La Rue Schemes. The new Small Head Die Proof.


1914 Stamp Duty 2/- Blue and red brown of Antigua, used to Hackney and cancelled King William Street cds.


1927 Royal Mint – “OLD AGE PENSION ORDER” Die Proofs. Stunning group of fourteen proofs…


C.1910 Perkins Bacon, Prince Regent, King George IV Trials.


c.1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet.


SG109 1872 HMS Seagull cover from the West Coast of Africa to London via Liverpool.


SG144 1874 3d. Pale Rose (SA). Advertising envelope (top flap missing) for “Carter’s” Department Store…


SG146 1874 6d. Grey, plate 15. Letter squares void.


SG146 1876 6d. Deep Grey (AB). Wmk Spray. Imprimatur. The unique “442” Current number piece.


SG147 1874 1d. Pink envelope, uprated with 6d. plate 13 and 1d. plate 138, making 8d. rate from Suez via Marseilles to Scotland.


SG147 1880 6d. Grey Pl.17 (PH) and 1880 4d. Grey-brown Pl.17 (OL). Envelope sent by Registered mail from BRIGHTON to BUENOS AIRES with a privately produced red “REGISTERED” label at left.


SG14Wi 1849 2d. Pl. 4, KE-KG. INVERTED WMK.


SG150 1873 1s. Green (LE). Wmk. Spray. ABERYSTWITH to CALCUTTA “via Brindisi & Bombay”.


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue (BC). CONSTANTINOPLE Handstamp.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. IMPRIMATUR.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Unusual hand painted envelope (top flap missing)…


SG178 1884 2s. 6d. Lilac (DC). White Paper.


SG207aWi 1888 5d. Dull purple and blue, Die II INVERTED WMK.


SG210a – 1890 10d. Dull Purple and Deep Dull Carmine “Jubilee”. Superb used cancelled by a lovely light WOKINGHAM c.d.s. for AP. 23. 93.


SG211 1887 1s. Dull Green “Jubilee”.


SG212 1891 £1 Green (DC) “Jubilee”.


SG219 1902 1d. Scarlet. D.L.R. “SPECIMEN” Type 15.


SG221Wi 1902 1½d. Dull Purple and Green. D.L.R. WATERMARK INVERTED.


SG226 1902 2d. Head and duty plate cut down Die proofs to stamp size.


SG251a 1902 DLR 9d. Slate purple and ultramarine (chalky paper).


SG257a 1906 Parcel label, Brompton Road, Chelsea, with DLR 1/-‘s x 3 plus 2d.


SG260 1902 2s. 6d. Lilac. D.L.R. Superb used in a slightly pale shade cancelled by a cracking PONTYPRIDD c.d.s. for FE. 23. 03. Spec. M48(1) – Cat. £150+.


SG260var 1902 2s. 6d. Slate-purple. D.L.R. Very fine used cancelled by REGISTERED – THREADNEEDLE ST. c.d.s. for 26. AP. 05. Spec. M48(2) – Cat. £150+.


SG266 1902 £1 Dull Blue-green. D.L.R. Superb used cancelled by a delightful GUERNSEY c.d.s. for JU. 30. 11.


SG271var 1911 ½d. Dp Bt Green – Fine Impression. Harrison. P.14.


SG294var 1911 5d. Deep Plum and Cobalt Blue. S. House.


SG3 1840 1d. Grey-black, plate 5, BB. State 2. A good marginal example.


SG316 1911 2s. 6d. Dull reddish purple. Superb used, neat Jersey cds for AU.3.12. Attractive.