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1928 – 1950 Royal Mint. “British Museum Date Stamp” – Trial Die.


SG111 1867 9d. Pale Straw (OI). Fine used wing marginal cancelled by the “409” duplex of JERSEY.


SG126 – 1867 5s. Rose. Die Proof.


SG139 1875 2½d. Rosy Mauve (FI). White Paper. Unused (without gum) example…


SG14 1849 2d. Blue (EI – FJ). Thin Paper.


SG141 1878 2½d. Rosy Mauve (GB). Wmk. Orb. Fresh unused o.g. example… Cat. £500.


SG146 1876 6d. Deep Grey (AB). Wmk Spray. Imprimatur. The unique “442” Current number piece.


SG151 – 1880 1s. Orange-brown. Pl.13 (GE). Wmk Spray. Super fresh unused o.g.


SG151 1880 1s. Orange-brown Pl.13 (QF). Wmk. Spray. Exceptionally fine used.


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue (AJ). BRITISH ARMY POST OFFICE – EGYPT Handstamp (Type ZA1).


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue (BC). CONSTANTINOPLE Handstamp.


SG157 1881 2½d. Blue (GG). To CORNWALL cancelled by the “F.B” – Foreign Branch h/s.


SG17 1854 1d. Red-brown (PL). Die I. SC. P.16. Broken perforation pins.


SG2 1840 1d. Black (AJ). SALISBURY to DORSET.


SG2 1840 1d. Black (IJ), plate 1b. WATERMARK INVERTED.


SG2 1840 1d. Black (ME). Superb used.


SG210a 1887 10d. Dull Purple and Deep Dull Carmine “Jubilee”. Variety “C” for “D” in Left Value Tablet.


SG211 1887 1s. Dull Green “Jubilee”. Used block of six with bright mauve NORWICH parcel handstamp…


SG223 1905 1½d. Pale Dull Purple and Green (C). D.L.R. Bottom right corner block of 14 from plates H5/D5.


SG257 1902 1s. Dull Green and Carmine D.L.R. “SPECIMEN” Type 16.


SG272a 1911 1d. Brick-Red. Harrison. P.14. NO WATERMARK. Superb unmounted o.g. block of six.


SG29 1855 1d. Red-brown (TF). Die II. LC. P.14. ANDERSTON Scots Local Handstamp.


SG294 1911 5d. Deep Dull Reddish Purple and Bright Blue. S. House.


SG294var 1911 5d. Deep Plum and Cobalt-blue. S. House.


SG295var 1911 6d. Dull Lilac. S. House.


SG324var 1911 ½d. Very Deep Green.


SG336 var.1912 1d. Scarlet. Die 1B. Booklet pane of six over printed “SPECIMEN” Type 22.


SG341 1912 1d. Bright Scarlet. No cross on Crown and broken frame.


SG345 1912 1d. Scarlet. No Cross on Crown and Broken Frame.


SG35 1857 2d. Deep Blue Pl.6 (NB). LC. P.14. BRIDGE STREET Scots Local Handstamp


SG351 1913 ½d. Green. Unused o.g. block of four… delightful unlisted treble variety.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (CL). BROOMIELAW Scots Local Handstamp.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (JK). BLUE Handstamp.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (OK). EAST KILBRIDE Scots Local Handstamp.


SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (QH). BLUE Handstamp.


SG420 1924 1½d. Red-brown.