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1840 Gold Printed “Ladies” Envelope. Wonderful “miniature” envelope sent from GREENWICH to LINCOLN’S INN…


1920 KGV 1s. Blue and Brown – POST OFFICE SAVINGS BANK.


c.1900 De La Rue Dummy head Britannia design. Recess in green, mounted on card.




SG102 1871 3d. Deep Rose Pl.7 (JH). “No.1” Handstamp. Telegraphic cancel.


SG112 & 47 1867 10d. Red-brown Pl.1 (SA – SB) and 1871 2d. Deep Blue Pl.14 (AH). Used on small piece cancelled by VALPARAISO duplex’s for OC. 3. 77.


SG118 1867 2s. Dull Blue Pl.1 (OI). Concentric Ring (7) Handstamp.


SG122 1872 6d. Deep Chestnut Pl.11 (NG – NH). Wmk. Spray. Superb used right wing marginal pair.


SG14 1841 2d. Blue (OJ). Plate 4.


SG153 1877 4d. Sage green, plate 16, IK – IL. Very fine used pair. Neat Saxmundham duplex.


SG154 1880 4d. Grey-brown, plate 17, QH, on cover Manchester to Mexico. Per “Bothnia”, via New York and Brownsville


SG156 1876 8d. Brown orange Imperf. Colour trial, diagonally overprinted SPECIMEN Type 11.


SG159 1883 3d. on 3d. Lilac, pl. 21. Superb cds used with excellent fresh colour.


SG159 1883 3d. on 3d. Lilac.(EG). Pl.21. Wmk Crown.


SG160 1881 4d. Grey-brown plate 17, GF. Watermark Crown. Red, octagonal French date stamp for 11 Jan. 1881.


SG162 1883 6d. on 6d. Lilac. Pl.18.(KI).Wmk Crown. Very fine used cancelled by a neat cds for JA.2.84.


SG163 1881 1s. Orange-brown pl. 13, TJ.


SG17/ 42 1857/ 63 1d. Red-brown, RH, Blue 41 suburban low number in oval of Brentford.


SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. “PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE”.


SG172 1893 1d. Lilac plus 6d. Jubilee, both originally on the same piece, cancelled by the rare Carlisle Fort, Military Telegraph cds’s


SG172b 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Frame Broken at Bottom. (R.1/2, Sheet Control “S” Upper Pane).


SG192 1884 4d. Dull Green (JL). Envelope sent from LONDON to the LOYALTY ISLANDS…


SG2 1840 1d. Black (OA), full marginal inscription, neatly cancelled with a red MC; good margins all around except above “O” of “POSTAGE”.


SG202 1887 3d. Purple on Yellow “Jubilee”. Fine used.


SG210 1887 10d. Jubilee, corner example, u/m showing a good shift of the crown wmk & centrally the marginal wmk line – very unusual.


SG215 1902 1/2d. Die proof in black on glazed card without endorsements. Scarce.


SG218 1902 ½d. Yellowish Green. D.L.R. Raised Crown in Watermark (R. 19/2).


SG228var 1906 2d. Grey green and scarlet (chalky paper). A superb u/m example with bottom margin.


SG230 1902 2 1/2d. Striking book piece inscribed, “Nov.27.12 leads” with manuscript “1907” in red on reverse.


SG250 1902 9d. Heat and duty plate die proofs, cut down to stamp size. In black on glazed card.


SG254 1902 10d. Heat and duty plate die proofs, cut down to stamp size, in black on glazed card.


SG263 1904 London (Clapton) Parcel Post label with 5/- bright carmine, plus 2x 1/- and 6d, making 7/ 6d.


SG29 1856 1d. Red-brown (orangey red shade), plate 35. Specimen type 2, LC.


SG297 1911 6d. Dull Purple. S. House. Superb unmounted o.g. bottom right corner pair with cuts under 12th. Spec. M33A(1) – Cat. £120+.


SG329 – 1911 1d. Carmine. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. White Spot Left of “O” and White Dot above “T” of “POSTAGE” (Pl.14, R. 20/11).


SG341 – 1912 1d. Bright Scarlet. Die 2. Wmk Crown. INDIAN Handstamp. Very fine cancelled by JIND c.d.s. Rarely on GB stamp.