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“SG62” c.1860 Rose. Souvenir envelope and enclosure which opens out into the shape of a Rose with illustrations of European places of worship and interest to the tourist (both sides).


1840 1d. envelope, A138, forme 1, sent by Rowland Hill to Thomas Watson.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A 150 First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds’s dated MY.6.1840- unusual to find a cds on the front.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope A170. Bakewell to Langholme, cancelled contrary to regulations, missing Britannia.


1840 1d. Mulready envelope, forme 3 stereo 162, used locally in Birmingham. Simply addressed to “The Law Bailiff”. Very unusual.


1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet (A42 Advert MA17) used with a BROWN maltese cross within Lodon, dd. 28th Dec.1840.


1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet A76, to Ipswich.


1840 1d. Mulready wrapper, A69 cancelled with neat Orange maltese cross.


1840 2d. Mulready envelope, a202, London to Bath, underpaid with circular “More to Pay” and m/s “4” (double the defficiency of 2d).


1840 Fores Comic Envelope No. 1, by John Leech. Used from Shrewsbury to Leicester.


1840 Gold Printed “Ladies” Envelope. Wonderful “miniature” envelope sent from GREENWICH to LINCOLN’S INN…


1840 Mulready 1d. envelope A136. The Lord Holland forgery.


1840 Mulready Caricature Southgate, “Ladies School”, used in London, prepaid in cash.


1840 Mulready Caricature Southgate, “Peg Leg Sailor”, used in Cambridge, June 27th 1840.


1841 1d. Mulready lettersheet A34, London to Morpeth, dated AP.21.1841. M/s “Paid 1d. more” postage due.


1841 1d. Mulready wrapper from Jersey to Southam, Warwickshire, dated May 1st ’41. Neat central mc – few Mulreadies known from Jersey.


1841 Wrapper, Glasgow to Cockburnspath, sent unpaid with just a superb black maltese cross at top right.


1842 1d. Mulready wrapper, A19, London to Basingstoke, cancelled contrary to regulations.


1842 1d. Pink envelope to Chipping Norton, crisply cancelled with the CLITHEROE maltese cross.


1842 2d. Blue Envelope. Superb example sent locally in EXETER…


1843 1d. Mulready A6, lettersheet ADVERT MA435b for Samuel Hanson.


1843 1d. Pink envelope from CLIFTON to London, cancelled by a BRISTOL cross with solid centre.


1843 1d. Pink Envelope.


1843 1d. Pink. DUBLIN Maltese Cross.


1843 1d. Red-brown pl. 29 (FA) on unusually folded entire used locally in London to Chancery Lane, dated JY.31.1843.


1843 2d. Blue Envelope. LONDON Number “4” in Maltese Cross.


1844 1d. Pink Envelope (Huggins EP3b). Used from ROSS to CASTLECOMER and cancelled by the very rare and distinctive straight sided ROSS MALTESE CROSS in black.


1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare “Missent To/ Railway Post Office” in black.


1848 1d. Pink Wrapper. Sent to MANCHESTER uprated with imperf 1d. Red paying Late Fee.


1848 Charles Whiting Beaufort House Congreve Composite Essay.


1848 Charles Whiting Beaufort House Congreve Essay.


1848 Charles Whiting Beaufort House Congreve Essay.


1854 1d. Pink. Envelope sent from QUEENBOROUGH via SITTINGBOURNE to ROCHESTER cancelled by the red “633” numeral.


1855 LOCAL GLASGOW Valentine. Boxed Scots local on pair of 1d’s. Very attractive and rare.


1857 1d. Pink, superbly cancelled with the largest spoon cancel of Wolverhampton.


1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper – Gummed.


1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper. Right hand marginal piece with nine complete impressions and three partials…


1857 TORPHINS Scots Local in green; Banchory to Old Aberdeen.


1858 1d. Pink stationery envelope sent from Kilmelford to London with a crisp strike of the boxed Scots Local cancel, type VIII.


1859 1d. Pink Envelope. Uprated with 2d. Blue Pl.7 (SG45) and 4d. Carmine (SG66) and sent by Registered mail from LEICESTER to ASHBY DE LA ZOUCH.


1861 Bradbury Wilkinson & Co. Ltd. Essay for proposed “LOCAL POSTAGE STAMP” depicting the shield from the British Royal crest…




1861 De La Rue. “EXPERIMENTAL POSTAGE – THREE PENCE” Essay with the head of King Pedro V of Portugal defaced by a cross.


1863 POSTAL NOTICE.- CAUTION about valuable enclosures sent in unregistered letters…


1865 Ireland Dog License. “SPECIMEN”. Group of three… 2s. Lilac, 10s. Blue and 20s.Green (corner fault). Ex. presentation album. Attractive.


1867 Postal Fiscal 1d. Plate 5 Imprimatur.


1870 ½d. Lilac postcard, COTTERELL advert on reverse, used on First Day of Issue – OC.1.70.


1871 Azemar Experimental Cancellation. 1d. pink entire to Kilwinning, with a superb strike of this scarce cancel.


1871 Experimental Machine cancel. Stationery.


1875 Stationery Cut outs on mourning envelope. Contrary to regulations use.


1875 Telegraph Large size head die proof in black on white glazed card. Endorsed , “Before Hardening”.


1875 Telegraph Stamps. Hand Painted Essays from the De La Rue Archives. The ½d (2), 1d, 3d, 4d (2), 6d (2), 1s, 5s (2) and 10s. each finely painted in black and Chinese white on thick card.


1875 Telegraph unadopted small head die proof, AP.29.1875. After Hardening written in black on glazed white card.


1878 British Levant 1 1/2d. Brown Foreign Post Card (CP5) Constantinople to London.


1878 ½d. Brown postcard, cancelled by Vaile’s trial machine, Auckland, New Zealand- date dies for SE.2.74.


1879 Tender Essay – Charles Skipper & East.


1879 Tender Essay by Perkins Bacon, engraved by Ridgeway in deep blue, on thin, watermarked paper.


1879 Tender Essay – CHARLES SKIPPER & EAST. Surface printed Proof “SPECIMEN STAMP”


1879 Tender Essay – CHARLES SKIPPER & EAST. Surface printed Proof “SPECIMEN STAMP”.


1879 Tender Essay – McCorquodale & Co. Plate Proof. Large Design Dummy Stamp Engraved by Hooper.