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1939 10/- Re-engraved 10/- x7, plus photo 4d & 2x 1/-‘s on parcel post label, used from London dated 9.JA.39.


KEVII / KGV Coil Trials. Gutter pairs on gummed, watermarked Crown paper.


SG278var 1911 4d. Deep Bright Orange. Harrison. P.14. Perfin “B”.


SG327 var.1911 1d. Carmine-red. Die 1A. Wmk Crown. ‘White fleur-de-lis’ (Pl.4, R.16/1). Fine used, cds for AU.24.11.


SG329var 1911 1d. Carmine-red. Die 1B. Wmk Crown. Control “A. 11” block of six from plate 9a with perf Type 2. Superb unmounted o.g. Spec. N8(6).


SG350c 1912 1d. Scarlet. Die 2. Watermark Multiple Cypher Sideways.


SG357var 1912/ 22 1d. Scarlet “White spot on King’s eyebrow” R20/10, plate 104. Unmounted o.g control L18 perf. Spec N16na.


SG362 1912 1½d. Red-brown. Royal Cypher.


SG364a 1912/ 22 1½d. Chestnut “F for E” variety in pair with normal.


SG366 1912 2d. Orange-yellow. Royal Cypher. Superb Q21 perf control block of six.


SG379var 1912/ 22 4d. “Blob on nose”, rarely seen in a positional multiple, m/m – some short perfs.


SG387wi – 1913 7d. Olive. Royal Cypher. Inverted WMK.


SG399/400 – Waterlow 1913 2s6d. Deep Sepia-brown and sepia brown.


SG435 – 1929 1d. Scarlet. Postal Union Congress. “CO” Joined (Pl.2, R. 19/11).


SG437 1929 2½d. Blue. Postal Union Congress. WATERMARK INVERTED.


SG441var 1935 1½d. Red-brown. “Photogravure” Large Format. Double Paper Join.


Twentieth Philatelic Congress of Great Britain – London 1933.