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 A List of Books on the Postal History, Postmarks and Adhesive Postage and Revenue Stamps of Great Britain. Second Edition. Compiled by Arnold M. Strange
Published by Great Britain Philatelic Society, London. 1971.  48 pages. Paperback, fine ..
"Paquebot" and "Ship Letter" Cancellations of the World 1894-1951 by M. A. Studd.
Printed in 1953 by D. Wood & Son. Until this book was published, little attempt had been ..
A History of British Postage Stamps by T. Todd.
Published by Duckworth 1942 (reprint, first published in 1941).  "This is the first complete..
A History of British Postmarks. Illustrated. Together with a List of Numbers Used in Obliterations in Great Britain and Certain Colonial Possessions. By J. H. Daniels.
Upcott Gill, London, 1898. Hard Cover. First Edition. 184pp. Good condition with some waterm..
Account of the Celebration of the Jubilee of Uniform Inland Penny Postage at the Venetian Chamber, Holborn Restaurant at the Guildhall at the Museum of Science...
and Art South Kensington and at various towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom 1840-189..
Billig's Philatelic Handbook. Volume 34. The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps. Great Britain and the Empire in Europe. Part 1
HJMR Co (1969) 247pp. Fine condition in original red cloth. Published by H.J.M.R Co. Rep..
Blindman's Mail: How the Blind have been Served by the Post by Gavin Fryer FRPSL.
Published by the author in 2010. Hard back with dust cover, as new.  Also contains a "Pa..
British Line Engraved Stamps Repaired Impressions 1855 - 1879 One Penny Die II.  By Dr. W. R. D. Wiggins
A very nice book, in top condition. Slight marks on page edges and a small dent at the bottom of ..
British Stamps by Patrick Hamilton
Illustrated. 2nd. Ed. Peter Davies.  pp. 338. Informative. A good reference book.  ..
Chartwell collection of Surface Printed Issues.
For the Benefit of Trade & Commerce; The Postal Treatment of Prices Current by H. Dagnall
Published by the Author. 1987.  Paper back booklet in fine condition. Signed by the Auth..
Forgeries, Fantasies and Reprints Auction Catalogue by Harmers of London
January 16th 1986.  Paperback in good condition. Illustrated auction catalogue. 28 pages..
Fourth Suppliment: The Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland and the War-time Edition of the Philatelic Advisor Handbook No. 6.
Edited by R.C. Alcock and F. C. Holland.  1943.32 pp.  SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED..
Higlett Bijou Bibliography by Gavin Fryer
Publisher: privately published, 1997. Paperback (card covers), 90 pages, tiny scratch in the fr..
James Heath Engraver to Kings and Tutor to Many by George W. Smith
Published by the Author. 1989. Paperback in excellent condition. First edition. The title pag..
King Edward VIII by A. J. Kirk
The Great Britain Philatelic Society. 1974.  Second edition. Fine quality paperback. Exc..
King George V Stamps Issued in Rolls by Leslie Wilkinson
Published by the Great Britain Philatelic Society. First ed. 1998. Paperback in excellent con..
My Post Office Journal, - Journal for April - December, 1847 by Rowland Hill.
Regent Stamp Co. (1954) 22pp. 1st ed., some slight markings on the front cover otherwise very c..
Penny Postage Centenary: The Story of the First Postage Stamps. An Account of Rowland Hill's Great Reform of 1840 and of the Introduction of Adhesive Postage Stamps with Chapters on the Birth of the Postal Service.
Edited by Samuel Graveson. Published by The Postal History Society. 1840.  Hard back in ..
Post Office Numbers: The Distinguishing numbers given to Post Offices 1844 to 1906 and the Stamps in which they were used, in the British Isles and in Overseas Agencies of the British Post Office by George Brumell.
Published by R. C. Alcock, Ltd. 1971.  Hard back cover, re-bound, some scuffing on cover..
Queen Victoria the Plating of the Penny 1840-1864 by Roland Brown Volume 1; Die 1; Plates 1-45.
Volume 1; Die1; Plates 1-45.  Published by The Great Britain Philatelic Society London.&..
Queen Victoria the Plating of the Penny 1840-1864 by Roland Brown Volume 2; Die 1; Plates 46-91
Volume 2; Die 1; Plates 46-91 Published by The Great Britain Philatelic Society London SH..
Rainbow Trials by David Rowse
Hardback. Published by GB Philatelic Publications Ltd, 2000.  PRICE INCLUDES POSTAGE AND..
Revenue I Railway & Telegraph Stamps by Robson Lowe Ltd
Published by Robson Lowe Ltd, 1972. First edition. Near fine in wrappers, slight marking on t..
Revenue Stamps of Great Britain and the British Empire by Robson Lowe Ltd
Published by Robson Lowe Ltd. 1974. Wrappers in fine condition. 20 pages.  SHIPPING ..
Royal Philatelic Society London. Exhibits at Monacophil 2011. Catalogue.
New condition. Beautiful reference book.  2011. Royal Philatelic Society London / le Mus..
STAMPS by R. F. Schoolley-West
1987 The British Library Board.  Illustrated. pp. 64. SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED ..
Stamps in Battledress by Joachim Hosang with actual, used forged stamp samples on the inside cover.
A Germain Philatelic Review Publication. Vol. 3 No. 4. 1955.  128 pages. Paperback. Some..
Stamps of Fame by L. N. and M. Williams.
Blandford Press Ltd. 1949. Hard back, used but clean. Slight fading on the cover and some wear on..
The Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red by Robert Danzig and David Goldsmith
llustrated guide and catalogue. Hardcover. Published by Philatelic Imprint, 1991. Condition:..
The Dublin Find. The most important stamp find in GB philately.
By Don Madden and Karl Louis.  Price included P+P for UK orders. Overseas orders will ha..
The Evolution of British Stamped Postcards & Letter Cards, Their History & Documentation. By H. Dagnall, M.A.
Published by the Author, 1985. Slight creasing on the paper sleeve but otherwise in very good con..
The Falmouth Packets by David Mudd
1978. Bossiney Books. Good condition paperback, some light staining to pages and cover, not detra..
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The Inland Posts (1392-1672), edited by J. W. M. Stone.
Dr J. W. M. Stone became well known among philatelists with his study of classic dies and proofs ..
The Local Posts of London 1680 - 1840 by George Brumell
With a description of the postmarks used therein. "Philatelic Adviser" Handbook No. 2. 1938. ..
The London Philatelist. The Life and Work of Charles Whiting and the Beaufort House Press.
A Treasury Competition Winner. By Michael Salmon.  Volume 116 - January/ February 2007 /..
The Maltese Cross Cancellations of the United Kingdom, Second Edition by R.C. Alcock, and F. C. Holland.
1970. 133pp. Used but in excellent condition Fabulously informative book.  SHIPPING WILL..
The Marginal Varieties of the Edwardian Stamps of Great Britain, 1902 - 1912 by Sam. C. Buckley
Published by Oswald Marsh. 1912. Paperback. 60 pages. Illustrated. In very good condition con..
The Mulready Postal Stationery: It's Genesis, Production and Usage by Alan Huggins & Alan Holyoake.
New hard back with paper sleeve. Colour illustrations. SHIPPING INCLUDED FOR UK. OVERSEAS ORD..
The Parcel Post Labels of Great Britain Part 2 - Yorkshire by Lt. Cdr. J. O. A Arkell. RN., F. R. P. S., L
Harry Hayes (1977) 80pp. 1st ed., fine in pink card covers. SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED AT COS..
The Penny Postage Jubilee 1890 A compilation of contemporary documents and publications stationary and postmarks by Werner Bauschke.
London Postal History Group, Publication # 11. 1989.  pp. 98. Wonderfully informative.&n..
The Philatelic Collection of Lord Steinberg British Empire Mint Multiples - Sotheby's.
The Philatelic Collection of Lord Steinberg British Empire Mint Multiples. London 6 7 8 September..
The Post Always Runs; A Story of the British Post Office by E. G. Ardouin
The Mail Arriving at Temple Bar.  Part of the "Stamp Colletors' Fortnightly Handbook No...
The Postage Stamps of Great Britain by Fred. J. Melville.
With appendix: "Notes on the Postal adhesive issues of the United Kingdom during the present reig..
The Queens Stamps: The Authorised History of the Royal Philatelic Collection by Nicholas Courtney
Forward by HRH The Duke of York. Published by Methuen 2004. Postage costs included for UK onl..
The Ray-flaws of Plates 1 and 2 of the Penny Black Postage Stamps of Great Britain by H. Osborne, M.D.
Published by Chas. Nissen & Co. 1932. Paperback with a rip in the top section of the spin..
The Selected Works of W. G. Stitt Dibden Vol. I Wembley & Olympic Issues The Stamps & associated Postal Markings
Published joinly by The Postal History Society and The G. B Philatelic Society.  Detaile..
The Stamps of Great Britain; The Line Engraved Issues 1841 Penny Red. Die I. Alphabet I. Plates 102-131. Constant Varieties.
Published by R. C. Alcock Limited.  Paper back in good condition. Some annotation inside..
The Telegraph Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain 1851 - 1954
By Peter Langmead & Alan Huggins. GBPS. Price includes P+P to UK, overseas shipping will ..
The Telegraph Stamps of Great Britain by A. Mc Donald
Published by Mc. Donald. 1959. Paperback in very good condition with some discolouration to t..
Third Suppliment: The Postmarks of Great Britain and Ireland. Philatelic Advisor Handbook No. 5.
Edited by R.C Alcock and F. C. Holland.  1942. 24pp.  SHIPPING WILL BE CHARGED ..