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1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper - Gummed.
Bottom marginal block of four… first used on the 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (SG66) issue. Faint bend o..
1857 Large Garter Watermark Paper. Right hand marginal piece with nine complete impressions and three partials…
marginal handstamp Crown “POSTAGE/4d” – first used on the 1857 4d. Rose issue (SG66). Delicate in..
1881 Pink Advertising envelope. "The Mortimer Combination Co." Franked with 1d. Fiscal - watermark Small Anchor.
Addressed to Southampton and cancelled by London duplex for OC.21.81.  Francis Mortimer,..
1912-24 Royal Cypher Watermark Bit. Single example mounted in a sunken card frame and inscribed “TYPE III”.
1913 Simple Cypher Watermark Paper.
Bottom marginal block of four showing 'POSTAGE' watermark and overprinted 'CANCELLED' type 24. Us..
1914 2d. Agate "No watermark", unmounted marginal example with "almost" no watermark due to a papershift during printing.
Scarce. No watermark. Cats. at £2000. SG Spec R4c.  ..
SG Number: SGD4var
1921 SG413a Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6d. chocolate-brown. Experimental printing, watermark sideways and reversed. Unmounted.
CANCELLED type 24. A superb unmounted, original gum example with excellent perforations and very ..
SG Number: SG413a
1924 Block Cypher Watermark Paper. Lovely fresh block.
c.1860 Watermark large anchor. Very fine interpanneau block of 8 on blued ungummed paper. Unusual.
Revenue.  ..
Orb Watermark Paper.
Introduced in 1876 for use on the 2½d. Rosy Mauve issue... four impressions and blank bottom marg..
Sea Horse Issue. Large Single Cypher Watermark Paper.
Top marginal piece with “POSTAGE” and eight impressions, each overprinted “CANCELLED” Type 24. Ta..
SG002 - 1840 1d. Black (IJ). WATERMARK INVERTED.
Very fine used with clear square margins and neat red MC cancellation. Rare so fine. RPS Cert ..
SG Number: SG2
Plate No.: 1b
SG008 Wi 1846 1d. Red-brown (ND). Watermark Inverted.
Very fine used with good to wide margins cancelled by a numeral handstamp. Spec BS28c. ..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 69
SG017 - 1854 1d. Red-brown (HD) Die I. SC. P.16. Watermark Inverted.
Very fine used cancelled by a light Scottish numeral. Spec C1. ..
SG Number: SG17
Plate No.: 164
SG023 Wi 1855 2d. Blue Pl.4 (EA). SC. P.14. Watermark Small Crown Inverted.
Very fine used cancelled by a neat light numeral. Very scarce. Spec. F2c - Cat. £650. ..
SG Number: SG23
Plate No.: 4