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1855 Transatlantic Steamship Mail. Cover sent unpaid from Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Dated 5.JA.55, postage due "10d." - "1/3d." in circle to collect. Applied at St. John as this was..
1896 Postcard rate, Liverpool to Hong Kong, via transatlantic, across country to Vancouver.
Arrived in HK on 21st April- returned the following day, 22nd, after addition of 10 cents postage..
SG157 1883 2 1/2d. Blue on printed Americal Exchange in Europe. Unusual with an entire letter from a son to his mother. A fine transatlantic item.
Squared circle cancel dated AU.20.83. ..
SG Number: SG157
SG45 1860 Transatlantic Steamship Mail - Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia in closed mails via the US.
Dated MR.5.60, strip 2d. Blues plate 7 and pair 1d. stars, making 8d. rate, per Cunard "Arabia". ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 7
SG47 1875 Transatlantic, large part wrapper with pair 2d. blues, plate 14, paying the 3d. letter rate per ½ oz, plus 1d. late fee.
Dated MY.20.75, going to New Orleans via "City of Chester" (Inman Line Steamship). ..
SG Number: SG47
Plate No.: 14
SG47/ SG139 1875 Transatlantic wrapper, London to New York, USA.
2½d. letter rate per ½ oz, plus 2d. late fee, dated NO.2.75. Carried on Cunard steamship "Parthia..
SG Number: SG139
Plate No.: 2
SG59 1856 Transatlantic Ship Mail. Liverpool to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Arriving Prince Edward Island JY.30.1856. 6d. Embossed, paying correct rate as the letter was wro..
SG Number: SG59
SG70 1858 Transatlantic Steamship Mail from Glasgow, via Liverpool to Montreal.
Dated 17th Sept 1858. Pre-paid 6d. but underpaid and Postage Due of 2 1/2d. Canadian currency app..
SG Number: SG70
SG72 1859 1/- Green (SE at right) paying the ½ oz transatlantic letter rate, from Jersey to Philadelphia, USA.
Neat 409 duplex, dated NO.8.1859. The mail was carried from Jersey to Southampton via Cunard Stea..
SG Number: SG72
SG73, SG36a & SG40 1858 Late fee transatlantic cover, Liverpool to New York, dated 24 April 58.
1/- postage plus 3d. late fee. Cunard steamship "Europa". Very attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG73
SG90 1863 Registered Transatlantic cover, Bradford, (Yorks) to Ohio, USA with 6d. registration and 1/- postage.
Dated DE.3.63. Ex R.F. Winter collection and illustrated in "Understanding trasatlantic mails" (p..
SG Number: SG90
SG90 1865 1/- Green paying ½ oz transatlantic letter rate from Isle of Man to Boston, Massachusetts.
Dated JA.3.65. Red 21 indicates amount due to the US Post Office (applied in Liverpool). Nice 407..
SG Number: SG90
Plate No.: 1