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 A List of Books on the Postal History, Postmarks and Adhesive Postage and Revenue Stamps of Great Britain. Second Edition. Compiled by Arnold M. Strange
Published by Great Britain Philatelic Society, London. 1971.  48 pages. Paperback, fine ..
"Paquebot" and "Ship Letter" Cancellations of the World 1894-1951 by M. A. Studd.
Printed in 1953 by D. Wood & Son. Until this book was published, little attempt had been ..
1821 Whiting. Admission ticket for the Coronation of King George IV, printed by James Whiting.
Printed in 3 colours (red and black by the congreve process, blue by the separate letter press pa..
1821 Whiting. Admission ticket for the Coronation of King George IV, printed by James Whiting.
Printed in three colours (blue and black, by the Congreve Process, blue by the separate letterpre..
1840 1d. Mulready envelope A 150 First Day of Use. Birmingham to Kent via London, with both dispatch and transit cds's dated MY.6.1840- unusual to find a cds on the front.
Orange red maltese cross. Rare. RPS Cert, ex John Bohn. Cat. £18,000.  ..
SG Number: SGME2
1840 1d. Mulready envelope A298 - the very rare stereo - probably unique. Superb unused.
1840 2d. Mulready envelope, a202, London to Bath, underpaid with circular "More to Pay" and m/s "4" (double the defficiency of 2d).
Dated September 22nd. A superb Postage Due cover - rare on the 2d! (M13/07/25) CHCS. Ex Mayflower..
1840 Mulready 1d. envelope A136. The Lord Holland forgery.
A photo facsimile distributed by photographer T. M. Hinton to advertise his work at the 1890 Stam..
1841 1d. Mulready A15 lettersheet with a cracking black mc showing the London "broken points" mc - a perfect strike.
Addressed to East Acton, Middlesex and dated 27th April 1841.  ..
1841 Malta to London. Spooner No. 10 caricature, carried by the P+O "Oriental" at the 1/- per oz packet rate.
Picked up at Malta on the return voyage from Alexandria. Landed at Falmouth on 6th June. One of 6..
1842 1d. Pink envelope to Chipping Norton, crisply cancelled with the CLITHEROE maltese cross.
Cds alongside dated AU.5.1842; R+J only have seven recorded, between 1841 and 1844. A super cover..
1843 1d. Mulready letter sheet A236, Advert for ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. sent from London to the Isle of Wight, then re-directed to Reading.
1d. to pay Postage Due for re-direction. Reading skeleton, dated JA.7.43.  ..
1843 1d. Pink envelope to Ludlow, sent from Knighton (udc on reverse) with a fine, clean mc cancelling the pink.
Dated Ludlow AU.28.43. Although not distinctive it does show that the mc was eventually cleaned p..
1843 1d. Pink stationery envelope, small size, sent from Dublin to Wexford and cancelled with the distinctive Dublin maltese cross, which has a constant break in the outer cross.
Dated 11th Nov. 1843. Scarce so fine. Stationery.  ..
1843 1d. Pink Stationery envelope. London No.7 in maltese cross. Good strike of the mc on cover to Sir Thomas Phillipps of Worcester.
The English antiquary and book collector who amassed the largest collection of manuscript materia..
1843 Entire from Baldock to Cambridge with superb strike of the VR "Baldock One 1d. Paid", UPP hand stamp in red.
Recorded period of use, 1843 - 1846. Dated MY.16.1843. Superb and rare.  ..
1844 1d Mulready Advert Wrapper 'The Economic Life Assurance Company'
Superb used, crisp London '13' in diamond cancel - dated JY.22.1844. A fine late use. Spec MA113a..
1844 1d. Pink Envelope (Huggins EP3b). Used from ROSS to CASTLECOMER and cancelled by the very rare and distinctive straight sided ROSS MALTESE CROSS in black.
Dated AP. 19. 1844. On reverse. The earliest of the two known examples on 1d. Pink envelopes. Few..
1844 1d. Red-brown, plate 41, HD. Just touched at bottom right, unusually cancelled with two strikes of the black mc.
London to Newcastle upon Tyne, dated AP.4.1844. Nice CONTRARY to REGULATIONS cover.  ..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 41
1845 1d. Pink envelope, 905 numeral of Wolverhampton to Cheltenham, with a superb strike of the rare "Missent To/ Railway Post Office" in black.
Dated 25.Nov.1845. Excellent quality. Rare Railway cover.  ..
1846 1d. pink sent from BRISTOL to CHELTENHAM, Registered at the 1s. rate, paid in cash.
Despatch cds dated SP.18.1846 plus 134 numeral. Scarce mail during the 1s. registereed rate. Rare..
1847 The Post Magazine used in Liverpool.
Postage paid in cash and includes the original the original letter- few faults/re-inforcement but..
1848 1d. Pink envelope to St. John's Wood, neatly cancelled by the 61 numeral in oval of bars of Willesden.
Dated on reverse, MR.7.48. Scarce. Stationery.  ..
1849 1d. Pink sent from HADLEIGH, neatly cancelled with the BLUE 328 numeral.
Dated OC.8.1849, Cambridge receiver also in blue on the reverse. Attractive and scarce.  ..
1854 1d. Pink. Envelope sent from QUEENBOROUGH via SITTINGBOURNE to ROCHESTER cancelled by the red “633” numeral.
Dispatch, transit and arrival c.d.s’s on reverse for DE. 16/17. 1854. Rare coloured cancel on 1d...
1855 CRIMEA - unpaid cover sent to Early, Reading. Charged just 3d. postage due, not double the deficiency?
Dated NO.8.55. A fine "Due" cover. Attractive. Reading receiver alongside.  ..
SG Number: SG17
1855 Envelope sent from Portsmouth to Cork without postage... cancelled by the sideways 625 duplex for DE.4.1855.
With a blue Portsea transit at left, along with a large "2" Postage Due handstamp. Reverse with t..
1855 Registered 1d. Pink envelope, with cut to shape 6d. embossed, paying the registration.
From Manchester to Macclesfield, dated NO.9.1855. Neat straight line "Registered" alongside. Attr..
1856 1d. LCp14 on neat cover, cancelled with the Devenport 620 numeral.
Dated JA.25.1856, an error as 620 was Plymouth! Super quality.  ..
SG Number: SG40
1856 1d. Pink envelope,  uprated with 1d. red-brown, LCp14, JD, neatly cancelled with the PRESTON sideways duplex.
Dated NO.8.1856. Scarce so fine.  ..
1856 Crimean War; unstamped envelope from the Crimea to Bungay, Suffolk.
Neat green arrival cds for MY.23.1856- 3(d.) postage due- in block m/s. Attractive.  ..
1857 1d. Pink, superbly cancelled with the largest spoon cancel of Wolverhampton.
Dated JA.12.1857. Super quality and very attractive.  ..
1858 1d Pink Envelope to Leamington, superbly cancelled with the experimental Kingstown '289' duplex dated NO.27.58.
The famous Irish 'Trollope' as it is known. ..
1858 1d. red-brown LC14, plate 34 on neat envelope to Leicester, neatly cancelled with the Blue Nottingham sideways duplex.
Dated JY.16.1856. Rare coloured cancel.  ..
1859 Stationery. 1d. Pink envelope. Fine used example, cancelled by the Kingston experimental duplex.
Trollope type KINGSTON / 289, duplex code D. Addressed to Bellaghy with Dublin and Castledawson b..
1861 De La Rue. “EXPERIMENTAL POSTAGE – THREE PENCE” Essay with the head of King Pedro V of Portugal defaced by a cross.
Block of four printed in purple. Rare. ..
1870 1/2d. Stationary cut out used on OC.1.1870 - the first day! Unusual and attractive.
1870 1/2d. Violet large format postcard, superbly cancelled on the First Day of Issue.
131 Edinburgh duplex, Oct.1st.1870. Despite the horizontal crease, a very attractive FDC. Rare.&n..
SG Number:
1874 Envelope sent WITHOUT POSTAGE. Cancelled by the EDINBURGH DOTTED CIRCLE - Arundal Type A9.
Addressed to PEEBLES cancelled by a fine strike of the “131” duplex for OC. 12. 74. with a large ..
1875 Telegraph Stamps. Hand Painted Essays from the De La Rue Archives. The ½d (2), 1d, 3d, 4d (2), 6d (2), 1s, 5s (2) and 10s. each finely painted in black and Chinese white on thick card.
The 1d, 3d and 10s are similar to the issued design and the 1s is in the design of the issued 3s...
1878 ½d. Brown “POST CARD” solely struck by the rare red “PENNY POSTAGE JUBILEE” cachet dated 2. JY. 90.
Minor crease to the card, nevertheless very neat and most collectable.  ..
1879 Tender Essays for the 1d. Value. Perkins Bacon Submission. Single example taken from a horizontal strip of six from the sheetlet of 36…
with a most unusual crude perforation attempt. Printed in Rose-pink and engraved by William Ridge..
1879 Tender Essays – McCorquodale Submission for the 1d. Value.
Small dummy stamp printed in black on blued paper… left hand marginal pair, light horizontal crea..
1879 Tender Essays – McCorquodale Submission for the 1d. Value. Small dummy stamp printed in claret on thin white paper.
1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.
Superb fresh block of four printed in Dull Mauve on ungummed, imperforate paper watermarked “SPEC..
1879 Tender Essays – Perkins Bacon Submission for the 1d. Value.
Superb fresh block of four printed in Dull Green on ungummed, imperforate paper watermarked “SPEC..
1879 Tender Essays. McCorquodale & Co. “POST CARD” Essay using the unadopted 1d. stamp design Type 1. Handstamped “SPECIMEN” in Red. Super item.
1879 Tender, Mc Corquodate+Co, Stationary card on white card, marked "1" in m/s on the reverse and o'ptd "SPECIMEN" in red. Scarce.
1879 Tender, Mc Corquodate+Co, Stationary on card, marked "2" in m/s on the reverse and o'ptd "SPECIMEN" in red. Scarce.
1883 De La Rue Schemes. The new Small Head Die Proof.
Printed in black on white glazed card dated 7 JAN 83 and inscribed “AFTER HARDENING” with initial..
1884 1/- Deep Brown, a complete sheet of the NTC Ltd. Unmounted. Attractive and unusual.
Telegraph.  ..
1884 1d. Pink Envelopes… two lovely neat covers sent to the same address locally in HUDDERSFIELD...
with wonderfully ornate hand drawn address panels. Both dated January 1884 and cancelled by super..
1884 National Telephone Co. Ltd. 1d. - 1/- plus 3 shades on 3d. and including the scarce 6d. A fine group of 7.
Attractive. Telegraphs. ..
1885 ½d. Brown wrapper advertising the “GLOUCESTER JOURNAL” sent from GLOUCESTER to DUNSLEY (Staffs) cancelled by a crisp July 1885 c.d.s.
1886 1/2d. Brown Newspaper wrapper to Bremen. Cancelled with a large part strike of the NPB Hoster cancel.
Scarce. Machine Cancel.  ..
1886 1/2d. Brown Newspaper wrapper to Germany. Cancelled with a complete impression of the rare NPB Hoster cancel.
Nice quality. Machine cancel.  ..
1886 1/2d. Slate blue on printed circular to Edinburgh, cancelled with the NPB Hoster cancel. Scarce.
1889 1/2d. Vermilion paying the printed paper rate with enclosure being a price list of Dutch bulbs.
Dated 30.8.89. ..
SG Number: SG197
1890 Mulready. The so-called LORD HOLLAND FORGERY.
Which was in fact a photo facsimile distributed by photogropher T. M. Hamilton to advertise his w..
1890 Uniform 1d. Post Jubilee envelope, cancelled with the scarce small size hand stamp.
Dated 2.JY.1890, the first day of type 2 hand stamp.  ..
1891 1/2d. Brown post card, superbly cancelled with the blue Royal Naval Exhibition cds for 27.Jul. 91...
Eddystone Lighthouse Post Office. Superb.  ..
1891 ½d. Brown “POST CARD”. Cancelled by the “ROYAL NAVY EXHIBITION/LONDON.S.W.”
Handstamped in blue ink dated 24. OCT. 1891. the last day. Super quality. ..
1893 1/2 d. Brown “JAMES EVANS & CO” advertising wrapper sent from MANCHESTER to BELGIUM… cancelled by the “498” duplex for DE. 13. 93.
1897 Bickerdike Machine cancel. Superb strike, upside down, having missed the stamp portion. London 86 duplex.
Dated OCT.6.1897, crease not detracting from this rare cancel. Machine cancel. (10/49 in pmk book..
1897 ½d. Brown stamped to order stationery wrapper advertising “HOLMES BROS.” sent from MANCHESTER to LONDON… cancelled by the “498” duplex for JU. 9. 97.
1900 1d. Brown wrapper from W. H. Smith to the Straits Settlements, redirected with Jahore 1c green to Sumatra.
Red Jahore paid cds for 15/FEB/1900. A rare usage. (VID). ..
1900 COMPULSORY REGISTRATION- letter from the USA to Cumberland.
Travelled via London where it was charged 4d. for registration and the caution label applied - DA..
1900 “The Lord Chancellor” – Proof strike of the official certifying handstamp on a virtually pristine envelope with embossed seal on reverse.
 Very rare and most unusual.  ..
1901 1/2d. Green, wrapper to Bishops Stortford perfined DLR - de la Rue - the official stamp printers. Unusual.
Stationery.  ..
1903 Stationery. 1d. used Levant. The Edward VII Post Card Issues 1902 - 1912.
Ex. AKH. ..
1904 London parcel post label, The Grove, W. Hammersmith with 2x 1/- plus 2d. neatly cancelled cds for 30.SP.04.
SG Number: SG257
1906 1d. Embossed Revenue used to supplement a 2 1/2d. Postal Stationery cut out. The correct rate was 3d.
The Revenue stamp was disallowed and a Portugese Postage Due applied on reverse. Dated No.12.06. ..
1907 POST CARD - Depicting “Queenie Leighton” (British music hall star of the Edwardian era). The postage being paid by a Victorian ½d. Green stationery cut-out… prohibited up until 1905.
Sent locally in LONDON to Stoke Newington and cancelled by a double ring c.d.s. for NO. 30. 07.&n..
1911 2/- Florin. An uncirculated examle showing the coinage head.
Excellent addition to a KGV collection. ..
1911 JPS envelope to NY.USA with 1/2d Downey cancelled with the London machine cancel for JU.22.11.
The First day of the stamp and coronation day. ..
1911 ½d. Deep Carmine. Die Proof of the Accepted Design.
Uncleared surround and value tablet on glazed proof paper. Very fine and rare. ..
1911/ 12 Post Office Savings Bank 1/- blue and red-brown. Lightly mounted mint examples of the two heads.
Downy and profile heads. Fresh colours. Attractive. Revenues.. Cat. £550. ..
1911/12 POST OFFICE SAVING BANK. Die Proofs for the 1s. value… superb example of the Head & Duty Plates. Very rare.
1912 OHMS 1d. Carmine on buff, postal stationery envelope with "On the Official Business of the Board of Agriculture & Fisheries", numbered 53.
Very fine unused example of this rare envelope. H & B E063. ..
1919 Parcel label from an Optician in Aberdeen. To Lieutenant in the BEF, Germany.
With 3x 3d. Violet, deep shade plus 2d. Orange cancelled with the Registered Aberdeen cds for 6.M..
SG Number: SG375
1919 “OH.M.S. - Prisoners of War” Envelope. The P.O.W. expunged…
sent from LYNDHURST to LONDON with 4d. National Health stamp accepted as postage – cancelled by 8..
1924 British Empire Exhibition. PROOF Strike of the machine slogan cancellation… dated JAN. 31. 1924. without time plug. Rare item.
SG Number: SG430var
1930/50 Proofs of the Royal Mint Coat of Arms
Illustrating the different printing methods on part pages from a Royal Mint presentation album. ..
1948 Olympic Games. 6d. Air Letter. An uncut "pair", positions 7 and 8 from the sheet of 8.
These being from the duplicate registration sheet, so just 4 pairs possible. Rare.  ..
1951 Superb multi-set FDC. Four sets inc. Festival High Values on the same First Day Cover.
Dated 3rd May 1951. SG503/ 507, 509/ 512 and 513/ 514 ..
SG Number: SG514
Account of the Celebration of the Jubilee of Uniform Inland Penny Postage at the Venetian Chamber, Holborn Restaurant at the Guildhall at the Museum of Science...
and Art South Kensington and at various towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom 1840-189..
Billig's Philatelic Handbook. Volume 34. The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps. Great Britain and the Empire in Europe. Part 1
HJMR Co (1969) 247pp. Fine condition in original red cloth. Published by H.J.M.R Co. Rep..
Blindman's Mail: How the Blind have been Served by the Post by Gavin Fryer FRPSL.
Published by the author in 2010. Hard back with dust cover, as new.  Also contains a "Pa..
British Post Offices Abroad; The Glassco Collection 25th to 27th November, 1969. Robson Lowe of London.
Includes Prices Realised.  The J. Grant Glassco British Post Offices Abroad, to be sold ..
c. 1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet.
On thick, unwatermarked proof paper, imperforate. Attractive and most unusual. Dummy Stamps. ..
c. 1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the fleet.
On thick, unwatermarked proof paper, imperforate. Superb in blocks of 4. Dummy Stamps.  ..
c.1861 De La Rue Experimental Postage - Three Pence, Essay's with the head of King Pedro V of Portugal, from the defaced plate.
In carmine, green and purple. Unusual Dummy. (Faults). ..
c.1890 ½d. Brown Wrapper. Sent from LONDON to DRESDEN… cancelled by the negative triangular “SW” “bag seal” handstamp. Rare item.
C.1895 Advertising 1/2d. Brown wrapper to USA neatly cancelled with the "C" NPB cancels.
Attractive and scarce. ..
c.1900 De La Rue Dummy stamp, cleared head proof of the Britannia design.
The most generally used Dummy stamp. Attractive.  ..
c.1911 De La Rue, large format Britannia head dummy stamp in miniature sheetlet of 6, in green and red., without shading around the head.
On gummed chalky paper. Manuscript "B". Superb. ..
c.1911/ 12 KGV Colour Essays of HM in the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet.
On thick unwatermarked paper, imperforate. Attractive and most unusual. Dummy Stamps. ..
c.1923 Harrison and Sons, London, selection of 15 "labels" printed from cylinders by the Dutch firm Nederlandsche Rotogravure Maatschappij of Leiden.
The "specimen" stamps were intended for Harrison's sample booklet, for use by their representativ..
c.1933 Imperial Airways Air mail labels booklet issued by the GPO with three panes of 4 labels.
A very fine complete booklet, stapled. "Cape Town in 11 days", issue no. 4. Attractive and unusua..
Canada 1906 1c. Blue-green. Superb used on a wonderfully decorative U.P.U. Post Card with a religious theme and the music to “Ave Maria”…
sent from WILMOT, ONTARIO AU. 31. 06. to the U.S.A. with a neat arrival for September 3rd.  ..