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1856 1d Star (IK). (Gothic K). LIVERPOOL dotted circle.
On entire to Whitehaven, neatly cancelled with the very rare LIVERPOOL dotted circle date stamp f..
1856 1d Star (LD). Super hand illustrated clock.
Neat, handdrawn clock, top left corner, denoting 'TIME POSTED'. Western Rd cds in blue/green ..
1857 1d Star (FG) Liverpool Spoon.
Small envelope, stamp neatly cancelled, dated AP 7 1857 and addressed to Newport, Salop. Correspo..
1857 2d Star (KH). Alphabet II. Wolverhampton Spoon.
Super strike of the Wolverhampton Spoon dated AP 17 1857 and addressed to Salop. Newport Salop cd..
Plate No.: 5
1907 POST CARD - Depicting “Queenie Leighton” (British music hall star of the Edwardian era). The postage being paid by a Victorian ½d. Green stationery cut-out… prohibited up until 1905.
Sent locally in LONDON to Stoke Newington and cancelled by a double ring c.d.s. for NO. 30. 07.&n..
SG058 - 1854 6d. Mauve plus 2d Star (OB) to France.
Double rate, both neatly cancelled with London '21', dated 17 Sept 55. Pretty cover. ..
SG Number: SG58
SG062, SG70 and SG72 with 1d Star Late Fee on cover to Italy.
Stamps cancelled by the London 17 inland numeral, addressed to Naples, Italy. Calais and Paris tr..
SG Number: SG72
SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star on envelope, Weymouth to Cliffon, Bristol, dated 27.Sept.1855.
Manuscript on reverse: "Found inside the partition of door besides carriers table 12am. SR". Unus..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, HB, on neat envelope to Ballinrobe, crisply cancelled by the Tullamore English type 2 spoon, in bright blue.
Dated 23rd Dec '55. Super coloured cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, KL, on cover to Oxford. Neatly cancelled by the Reading biscuit 635 Spoon cancel, code D.
Dated OC.16.55. Attractive. Spoon cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1856 1d. Star, FJ to Dublin. Cancelled with a bright green CORK spoon.
Dated JA.1.1856. A super coloured cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG41
SG17/ 42 1856 NW London, Willesden to Chichester. 1d. Star cancelled with St. John's Wood 39 numeral.
With blue straight line Willesdon on reverse. Dated JU.19.1856.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1858 1d. Star on neat envelope, Birmingham to Sheffield, dated JU.16.58.
On reverse is the rare "Monument Lane" Creswell experimental udc.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1858 1d. Star, GI, on underpaid envelope sent from Prestonkirk to Edinburgh.
Dated AP.16.58. Fine More to Pay and Prestonkirk handstamp "2". Tyningham udc on reverse. Attract..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1859 Calcutta to Christchurch, Hants. Re-directed on arrival with 1d. Star, locally.
Attractive "mixed franking". Rare.  ..
SG Number: SG42
SG17/ 42 1861 1d. Star, JK, on neat envelope to Wivelscombe. Neat 123 numeral cancel leaving a clear profile.
Perfect "Missent to Exeter" alongside. Very pretty.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1862 1d. Star, HI. Canterbury to Bracnell (note spelling) - missent with fine strike of London & Holyhead tpo.
Dated DE.13.62. Superb inspectors mark with Reading transit dated 15th Dec. Very pretty and scarc..
SG Number: SG40
SG17/ 42 1863 1d. Star, TJ, to Dunbar. Superbly cancelled with the type IVc Brunswick star cancel.
Cancel dated MY.2.1863 - a full 9 days earlier than stated in Arundel. Attractive and scarce.&nbs..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42. 1854/ 58 1d star, on small piece, superb negative mail bag seal of BRIGHTON ROAD - unusual and rare.
Spec C10. ..
SG Number: SG42
SG17/42 1863 1d. Star on cover to Glasgow, superbly cancelled with the Brunswick star.
Dated DE.26.1863, Arnot type 1a. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG19 1854 CRIMEAN WAR. 2d. Blue, pl. 4 on envelope with 1d. Star, Plymouth to "British Army in Turkey".
Neatly cancelled Plymouth spoon, dated AU.28.1854, endorsed via Marseilles, per French Steamer, a..
SG Number: SG19
Plate No.: 4
SG19 1855 CRIMEAN WAR. 2d. Blue, pl. 4 on envelope with 1d. star, Plymouth to "British Army in the Crimea".
Neat Plymouth sideways duplex, dated MY.10.1855. Endorsed "via Marseilles". Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG19
Plate No.: 4
SG24 1856 1d. Star block and pair on cover, Liverpool to Shanghai, neatly cancelled by Liverpool spoon cancels dated SP.2.1856.
6d. for 1/2oz, routed via Southampton, via Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, Aden, Galle, Singapore, ..
SG Number: SG24
SG29/ 33 1856 1d. pl. 44, Star P.14, OL. Used on Mourning envelope from Enniscorthy to Dublin.
The adhesive cancelled by a slightly smudged bright green 212 numeral of Enniscorthy. Backstamps ..
SG Number: SG29
Plate No.: 44
SG29/ 33 1856 1d. Star, red-brown, OA. Plate 43, cancelled by a Wolverhampton 905 Spoon.
Addressed to London. Spec C8. ..
SG Number: SG40
Plate No.: 43
SG40 1858 1d. Star, GG on neat, uncreased cover, JEDBURGH to GLASGOW.
Stunning BLUE 187 numeral - very fresh cover. Cat £750. A premium cover in this quality.  ..
SG Number: SG40
SG40 1860 1d. Star, HC, on local Shrewsbury cover, solely cancelled by a BLUE star type cancel, an inspectors mark?
Matching blue dispatch cds dated AU.13.60. A most unusual and rare "fancy cancel".  ..
SG Number: SG40
SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red Pl.92 (BF - CF). Used vertical pair cancelled by a lovely strike of the EDINBURGH Brunswick star duplex for NO. 1. 65.
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 92
SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red. Intaglio Star Handstamp. News Paper Branch cancellation or Inspectors mark… most unusual.
SG Number: SG43
SG43 1868 1d. Lake-red, plate 109, beautifully cancelled with Brunswick star cancels.
Dated 21/8/68. A stunning strip of 3. ..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 109
SG56 1854 1/- Deep green plus 1d. star, KG, presumably paying a late fee. From London to New York, USA. 47 in diamond pair.
Dated JU.27.1854. The 1/- is just touched at the right but a very colourful and attractive cover...
SG Number: SG56
SG62 1855 4d. Carmine. Wmk. Small Garter. Highly Glazed deeply Blued Paper. Horizontal pair on entire with 1d. Star sent from LONDON to PARIS.
Inland Office numeral “6” cancellations with a Calais transit below for 5. FEB. 56. Two “PD” in o..
SG Number: SG62
SG70 1859 Neat envelope, London to Frankfurt with 1d. star, 2d. pl. 8 & 6d. lilac, making 9d.
Each stamp has been cancelled with the London 15 in diamond, dated 23.NO.59. Attractive franking...
SG Number: SG70