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1854 Spoon Cancels of Hull. A  very fine pair of envelopes.
The first with an imperf 1d. GE, dated JY.7.1854 and the second with a 1d. Star, LJ, dated NO.22...
SG Number: SG42
1855 1d. Pink envelope from Kingstown. Neat Blue 289 Spoon, English type, going to London.
Dated AU.19.55. A fine Irish Spoon cover.  ..
1856 2d. Mulready lettersheet a97, VERY LATE USE! Addressed to Camdonagh, centrally cancelled with an English type Derry Spoon (2nd type).
Dated 25th March 1856. Rare. A nice Irish use.  ..
1857 1d. Pink, superbly cancelled with the largest spoon cancel of Wolverhampton.
Dated JA.12.1857. Super quality and very attractive.  ..
1857 Unpaid envelope with contents, to Toronto, cancelled by a Type B8 spoon of Liverpool, dated OC.9.1857.
Carried to Boston by the cunarder "Europa" and on arrival in Toronto, charged 10d. (8d. sterling)..
1858 1d Pink Envelope YORK SPOON
Super cancel of the York Spoon, dated FE 9 1858 and addressed to New Bond Street, London. London ..
MANCHESTER Spoon Handstamp. Stampless entire ordering Champagne addressed to RHEIMS  paid “8d” in cash for the ¼oz. rate but no stamps were affixed…
cancelled by the Type D5a spoon for OC. 5. 57. in red ink – the only spoon in red ink. Paid doubl..
SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, HB, on neat envelope to Ballinrobe, crisply cancelled by the Tullamore English type 2 spoon, in bright blue.
Dated 23rd Dec '55. Super coloured cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1855 1d. Star, KL, on cover to Oxford. Neatly cancelled by the Reading biscuit 635 Spoon cancel, code D.
Dated OC.16.55. Attractive. Spoon cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1856 1d. Red-brown on long cover to Birmingham, cancelled with a Shrewsbury spoon, dated 6th Sept 1856.
Cover was returned to sender with the addition of two 2d. blues, cancelled again with a Shrewsbur..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1857 Liverpool spoon, type B8, code R, cancelling 4x 1d. stars on entire, written in French, to Montpellier, France.
Dated SP.29.1857. Cover travelled via London, Calis and Paris, then to Lyon T.P.O's. Attractive.&..
SG Number: SG17
SG17/ 42 1860 1d. Rose-red, four examples on large envelope, Taum to London. Irish 435 numeral and matching Tuan spoon cancel.
Dated AP.23.1860, arriving on the 25th. Stamps paying the 2oz rate. ..
SG Number: SG42
SG21 1855 1d. Red-brown Pl.1 (FE). Die II. SC. P.16. BIRMINGHAM Spoon Handstamp.
 Uncreased envelope addressed to LONDON with a fine strike of the “75” duplex for 15. MR. 18..
SG Number: SG21
SG21 1855 1d. Red-brown, plate 13, PC. Fine used on small piece. Neat English Spoon type of Mullingar.
Dated SE.12.55. Spec C4vb. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG21
Plate No.: 13
SG24 1855 1d. Red-brown Die II, Alph II SC14, plate 7, OI. Very fine used, Liverpool Spoon dated JY.3.1855.
A neat cover. Spec C3.  ..
SG Number: SG24
Plate No.: 7
SG24 1855 1d. Red-brown PL. 4, Die II, Alph II SC14, AG-AI. Blue GALWAY spoon cancels, dated JY.5.55.
Typical A row stamps. Cat. £1200! Spec. C3. Spectacular. ..
SG Number: SG24
Plate No.: 4
SG24 1855 1d. Red-brown SC14 BRIGHT GREEN DUBLIN Spoon, 186- super colour. Attractive.
Spec C3. ..
SG Number: SG24
SG24 1856 1d. Star block and pair on cover, Liverpool to Shanghai, neatly cancelled by Liverpool spoon cancels dated SP.2.1856.
6d. for 1/2oz, routed via Southampton, via Gibraltar, Malta, Alexandria, Aden, Galle, Singapore, ..
SG Number: SG24
SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown, plate 11, MJ. Used on small piece, neatly cancelled with an English type spoon of Limerick.
Dated DE.6.1855. Attractive. Spec C6vc. Super GREEN cancel! ..
SG Number: SG26var
Plate No.: 11
SG26var 1855 1d. Red-brown, plate 6, BG (minute G). Fine used on piece. Nice English type Spoon cancel of Cork, in GREEN.
SEP.30.55. Spec C6i vc.  ..
SG Number: SG26var
Plate No.: 6
SG29/ 33 1856 1d. Red-brown, LA. Cancelled with a lovely Shrewsbury spoon, sent to London.
Dated 20.AU.1856. Very fine item, spec C8, plate 42.  ..
SG Number: SG29
Plate No.: 42
SG34 1857 2d, Blue, PK-PL, p14, plate 5 pair paying 2 oz rate to Sheffield. York spoon (original), dated JU.2.57.
Illustrated in the spoon book, p.171. Attractive. ..
SG Number: SG34
Plate No.: 5
SG34var 1855 2d. Greenish Blue Pl.5 (EC). Belfast Spoon Duplex.
Very fine used example showing the date stamp for OC. 4. 1856. Spec. F6(2).  ..
SG Number: SG34var
Plate No.: 5
SG38/ 41 1859 1d. Rose-red, LL, plate 55. Superb used with fine Manchester Spoon cancel.
Dated NO.3.59. Spec C10. ..
SG Number: SG38
Plate No.: 55
SG41 1857 1d. Deep Rose-red Pl.52 (RK). Die II. LC. P.14. MANCHESTER Spoon Handstamp.
Excellent strike of the Type B (Arundal) “498” duplex for NO. 4. 59. on “F & A DICKSON & ..
SG Number: SG41
SG45 1861 2d. Blue Pl.9 (KE). Thick Lines. WORCESTER Spoon Handstamp.
Envelope addressed to ESSEX cancelled by a good strike of the “918” spoon duplex (Arundal 132 - F..
SG Number: SG45
SG45 1861 2d. Blue, plate 9, FD. Thick lines. Fine used, cancelled by the Bridgeenorth spoon for AU.27.1864.
Small part red PD in circle. Nice combination.  ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. Superb used, crisp Liverpool spoon cancel.
Dated 6.FE.1855. ..
SG Number: SG54
SG59 1856 6d. Dull Lilac, very fine four margin example. Crisp Birkenhead spoon cancel, 18.JY.56.
Paying the 1/2oz rate via Halifax. Cover sailed on the Cunarder "Arabia" and from Halifax went ov..
SG Number: SG59
SG63/ 62 1856 4d. Carmine (medium garter wmk). Double rate cover, BELFAST spoon, AU.11.1856 to AMSTERDAM.
A scarce stamp on cover (ACE). ..
SG Number: SG64
SG66 1861 Manchester to France with 4d. tied by the Manchester spoon cancel, dated 16.FE.61.
A neat, clean cover.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG79 1863 4d. Bright red, DK. Neat Bridgenorth spoon (original), dated 26.JY.1863.
Addressed to Boulogne, paying the 1/4oz rate. Despite being in use for 9 years, the spoon was nev..
SG Number: SG79
SG8 1854 1d. Red-brown, plate 170. Fine used on small piece, neat Hull Spoon cancel, dated AP.1.54.
Stamp close to good margins, RE. A pretty piece.  ..
SG Number: SG170
SG8 1855 1d. Red-brown plate 164, EK. Very fine used, neat Hull Spoon dated JA.4.1855.
Very scarce use of a spoon cancel on an imperf. Spec B2(1).  ..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 164