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1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet (A42 Advert MA17) used with a BROWN maltese cross within Lodon, dd. 28th Dec.1840.
Superb colour and very rare. SG cat £18,000 (MJackson cert). (AEING) ..
SG Number: SGME1
1840 1d. Mulready letter sheet stereo A5 PERTH maltese cross.
Addressed to Leith, then redirected to Edinburgh with additional charge of a 1d. ("1"0. Errol str..
1843 1d. Mulready letter sheet A236, Advert for ATLAS ASSURANCE CO. sent from London to the Isle of Wight, then re-directed to Reading.
1d. to pay Postage Due for re-direction. Reading skeleton, dated JA.7.43.  ..
1884 1/- Deep Brown, a complete sheet of the NTC Ltd. Unmounted. Attractive and unusual.
Telegraph.  ..
1915 "Philatelically inspired" presentation sheet with Royal Cypher values to 1/- plus Seahorse 2/6d DLR.
All cancelled "Base Army Post Office" dated 31.AU.15. Despite a mild bend through the 2/6d, a cho..
1948 Olympic Games. 6d. Air Letter. An uncut "pair", positions 7 and 8 from the sheet of 8.
These being from the duplicate registration sheet, so just 4 pairs possible. Rare.  ..
SG172b 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Frame Broken at Bottom. (R.1/2, Sheet Control “S” Upper Pane).
Right hand stamp in top marginal pair. Mounted in margin only. Rare variety… BPA Cert. Spec. K8j ..
SG Number: SG172
SG351 1912/ 22 1/2d. Green "made up miniature sheet", normally from the four corners plus the gutter!
Unusual + attractive. Control C14i.  ..
SG Number: SG351
SG415 1922 2/6d. BW reddish-brown, fine used pair from right sheet, R5/1 + R5/2, both showing minor re-entries.
Cardiff registered ovals dated 22.JU.22. Spec N65(4). Ex Kearsley. ..
SG Number: SG415
SG421var 1924 coil trial ex sheet of 192 discovered in the 1980's - 2d sideways watermark, overprinted SPECIMEN type 23.
Unmounted original gum. Spec N36sc. Cat. £250 mounted mint.  ..
SG Number: SG421var
SG434/ 437 1929 PUC. A full sheet of 50 of the special PUC Registration labels 1-50. Unusual and scarce.
From "Plate A" - seldom seen. Ex Shaida.  ..
SG Number: SG437
SG434/ 437 1929 PUC. A full sheet of 50 of the special PUC Registration labels 251-300. Unusual and scarce.
From "plate F". Seldom seen.  ..
SG Number: SG437
SG434Wi 1929 PUC 1/2d. Green WMK INVERTED. Rare 1/4 sheet, u/m showing plate markings.
Sheet inverted watermarks are rare. ..
SG Number: SG434Wi
SG434Wi 1929 ½d. Green. Postal Union Congress. Watermark Inverted. Fine o.g. (3 u/m) vertical block of six from the sheet printing.
SG Number: SG434Wi
SG455 1935 Silver Jubilee 1 1/2d. Red-brown cyl. 27 no dot, perf. type 6, mounted sheet no. strip of 3.
Rare cylinder in any format. Cat. £200 as a block of 6. ..
SG Number: SG455
SG456 1935 Silver Jubilee 2 1/2d, Control W/35 block, cyl. 34 no dot, perf. 5 (E/I), u/m and showing sheet number.
Block of 8. ..
SG Number: SG456
SG8 1844 1d. Red-brown, plate 48, AA. First stamp in sheet, part marginal inscription with neat Belfast 62 numeral.
Cover to Dublin, dated NO.5.1844. Nice Arthur Street RH/ Belfast in blue. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 48
SG8 1849 1d. Red-brown, plate 80, TB. Superb full sheet marginal showing inscription, on cover.
Abingdon to Basingstoke, dated FE.2.1849. Blue arrival cds on the front. Rare in this quality.&nb..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 80
SGL205 1876 3d. Carmine, plate 1. Imperforate colour standard sheet of 20, overprinted Specimen type 10.
Showing current number 479, mainly unmounted. Fresh. Cat. £3000 as singles. ..
SG Number: SGL205
Plate No.: 1
SGL215 1876 1/- Green plate 1, Imperforate colour standard sheet of 20, overprinted Specimen type 10.
Super fresh colour, mainly unmounted  with a couple of gum creases on reverse. Cat. £3400 mo..
SG Number: SGL215
Plate No.: 1
SGME2 1840 1d. Mulready envelope. Forme 2. Stereo A 13. May 26th 1840. Exceptionally fine and fresh, sent from Manchester to Settle. The envelope actually uses a letter sheet with the complete message written on the inside top flap!
Cancelled by a stunning carmine-red maltese cross with a deep double arc dispatch cds on reverse...