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SG54 & SG58 1856 6d., + 1/- Embossed on small piece. Cancelled with two strikes of the Madeleine Smith cancel.
Dated 3.OCT.56. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Green Embossed. A magnificent used example. Neat upright cds of Chatham, Kent.
Dated AP.28.1856. Rare so fine.  ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed.
A superb used example, excellent margins and crisp London 39 in diamond- rarely seen this fine.&n..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. An extremely rare cds used example with an excellent strike of the Dundee cds.
Dated JN.17.1856 (just touched on one side). A very fine gem and a great looker!  ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1/- Pale green Embossed. Superb used, crisp Liverpool spoon cancel.
Dated 6.FE.1855. ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1847 1s. Pale Green. Four margined example on entire sent from GREENFIELD via UPPERMILL and MANCHESTER to NEW YORK per Steamer “Asia” from Liverpool.
Cancelled by the “498” numeral of Manchester… red “PAID” and “5CENTS” accountancy marks alongside..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1848 1/- Pale green on Transatlantic cover, London to Philadelphia.
With fine red "7" = 2 cents ship letter fee, plus 5c US Inland Postage, dated 25.2.1848. Carried ..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1851 1/- Pale green, four clear margins on entire. London to Wall Street, New York, USA.
Endorsed PAID plus "by Mail Steamer" at lower left. 19 cents credit to US Post Office. Attractive..
SG Number: SG54
SG54 1855 1/- Pale green, Die 2, in at top, on cover Liverpool to NY, USA.
Dated Oct.20.1855. Neat crisp spoon cancel. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG54
SGF54 1880 2/6d. Vermilion, die O Fiscal stamp, watermark small anchor, p.12½d.
Fine original gum, scarce. Cat. £500. ..
SG Number: SG54