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SG413a/ SG417 1920/ 21 Bradbury Wilkinson 2/6d. - 10/- good used set of 3, used in Constantinople.
Clear cds's (1920's dates). Minor faults but unusual useage. (Z199/ 201).  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 - 1919 10s. Dull Grey-blue. Bradbury "Sea Horse".
Fine used cancelled by a light Registered oval. ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1919 10/- BW Dull grey-blue, fine used with light cds and nice colour. Ex series I showing broken "S" in "POSTAGE".
Spec N71(2). Ex Kearsley. ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1919 10s. Dull Grey-blue. Bradbury "Sea Horse". Minor RE-ENTRIES (Pl.1/3L, R. 1/1 & 2/1).
Very fine used vertical pair both with re-entries… neat c.d.s. cancellations. Spec. N71(2)a &..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1919 10s. Dull Grey-blue. Bradbury "Sea Horse". Used block of 12.
Cancelled by “REGISTERED/LONDON CHIEF OFFICE E.C.1” ovals for 7. SEP. 34. Not surprisingly a coup..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1919 Bradbury Wilkinson Set of 3 on Diplomatic Bag label. OHMS London to Russia.
Rare, few known. ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1919 Diplomatic Registered bag label with 5x 10/- 's Dull blue, of which one shows the Nissen re-entry R1/1 + one with the minor re-entry on R2/1.
Spec N71(1)a+ab. Rare.  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1925/ 28 Ireland 10/- Bradbury Somerset House "Saorstat 3 line wide date setting" variety.
Circumflex accent R9/2 on 1937 Renouf cover to Tivloi. Rare. SG88a.  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 1933 Large part Parcel Label from Jersey, dated 2.MY.33 with Bradbury Wilkinson Seahorses.
5/- x1 plus 4x 10/-,  2x 10d. and 2x 1/-'s. Quite spectacular!  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 c.1924/ 25 Bradbury Wilkinson set of Seahorses on small piece of application form.
Unusual and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 c.1926/ 30 10/- Dull blue Bradbury Wilkinson printing on small part Application to Attend Examination for Certificate of Proficiency as a Wireless Telegraph Operator on Board British Ships.
Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SG417
SG417 c.1930's Part parcel front with Northampton label. 2/ 6d. x3, plus 10/- Bradbury Wilkinson plus 5d. x2 cancelled parcel killer cancels.
Attractive and scarce. ..
SG Number: SG417