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SG219aw 1904 1d. Deep rose-carmine DLR. Fine unmounted booklet pane of 6. Watermark inverted. Spec MB5a(4).
Decent perfs. A nice shade and unlisted SG! RPS cert.  ..
SG Number: SG219aw
SG220 - 1902 1d. Rose-carmine, deep shade; D.L.R.
Superb, lightly hinged pane of six, upright wmk. Scarce. Spec M5(4), MB5(4). ..
SG Number: SG220
SG281var 1911 1d. Deep rose-carmine Harrison p15x14, unmounted corner block of 6.
Mild bend on one. Excellent colour. Spec. M7(6). ..
SG Number: SG281var
SG401s var 1913/ 18 5/- Waterlow rose-carmine, overprinted Specimen type 26. Spec N66(1)s. Scarce.
Cancelled with a portion of French Receiving Authority cds.  ..
SG Number: SG401s var
SG66 1855 4d. Rose-carmine, superb used. Neat Edinburgh cds, Dec.1st 1859.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter), fine used strip of 5. London cds's and numeral cancels.
Cat. £750. ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter), very fine used pair. Neat single 434 numeral of Lampeter.
Very fresh, deep shade on almost a glazed paper. Attractive. RPS Cert.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter). A cracking Glasgow cds, dated March 15 1858.
Very choice stamp. ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine (large garter). Very fine London cds, AU.16.61. Scarce to see with cds.
SG Number: SG66
SG66 1858 4d. Rose-carmine on cover to France with exceptional colour and neatly tied by the Sunderland sideways duplex.
Dated May 8th 1858. Nice quality. Excellent frame break at bottom right! ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66b 1857 4d Rose-carmine (large garter). Thick glazed paper, superb used.
Neat small part numeral cancel. A handsome stamp. Cat. £375. ..
SG Number: SG66b
SGF22 1878 1d. Fiscal stamp, die 4, imperforate on small anchor paper. 3 examples in rose-carmine, yellow-ochre and light brown.
Very fine, original gum. Believed these were for the 1879 tender. Cat. £900. ..
SG Number: SGF22