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1870 1/2d. Violet large format postcard, superbly cancelled on the First Day of Issue.
131 Edinburgh duplex, Oct.1st.1870. Despite the horizontal crease, a very attractive FDC. Rare.&n..
SG Number:
1872 Sloper Machine cancel. Inverted orb on postcard, London to Plymouth.
Dated 2/02/72. Rare.  ..
1874/ 75 Machine Cancel, Sloper arrow, missing left hand punch holes on postcard to Glasgow.
Reverse shows Shipping list, 20/06/74. Liverpool.  ..
1879 1 1/4d. Brown Foreign postcard used from Beyrout to London with very fine G06 barred oval.
BPO cds alongside, 2.9.79 code A. Superb and rare early use. Ex. AKH. Stationery.  ..
1882 1d. Stationery postcard to Switzerland, sent from Staindrop, Co. Durham via Darlington.
Cancelled with a blue cds for FE.3.82. Unusual to see coloured cds's. Stationery.  ..
1896 1 1/2d. Postcard overprinted British Bechuanaland, sent from Gaberome to Mafeking.
Cds dated 6th August '96. Scarce.  ..
1896 Postcard rate, Liverpool to Hong Kong, via transatlantic, across country to Vancouver.
Arrived in HK on 21st April- returned the following day, 22nd, after addition of 10 cents postage..
1903 1d. Carmine postcard, used from Constantinople to London.
Cds 28.11.1903 Code C.  ..
1904 1d. Carmine postcard used from Constantinople to London.
Cds dated DE.3.1904, code D. Stationery.  ..
1904 Admiralty Official Type I overprint (long M) on 1/2d. postcard, used from New Brompton.
Neat, cancelled with NB RSO cds dated AP.2.04; corner crease at left, not detracting. Rare. ..
1904 Admiralty Official type II overprint (short M) on 1/2d. postcard, used from London E. C to Harrow.
Note on reverse to Gunnery course Whale Island on board "HMS Excellent", on April 6th. Rare - Wis..
1947 Registered postcard (very unusual) with 2d. uprating 2d. stationery postcard. Sent to Rotherham.
Dated 10.MY.47. Posted at the Landing Stage Liverpool. Rare.  ..
SG165 1882 Advertising postcard, "Jenner + Knewstub" (Jermyn Street). Surplus stock sale of bric a brac used wiithin London with a 1/2d green.
An early postal card which was then contrary to P.O Regulations. ..
SG Number: SG165
SG172 1899 1d. Lilac on postcard sent from Beyrout via Alexandria to Malta, DISINFECTED.
"Disinfected - Lazaretto - Malta" cds on reverse. Very unusual and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG172 1901 Port Said coloured postcard used from Colombo to Italy.
With a pair of 2d. Green plus 1d. Lilac tied by cds, dated June 30th 1901. Unusual and attractive..
SG Number: SG172
SG197 1891 1/2d. Postcard uprated with 1/2d. Vermilion, London DE.1.81.
Via CYPRUS, MALTA and GIBRALTAR. and back to LONDON. Interesting and unusual. Apparently made pos..
SG Number: SG197
SG197 1891 1/2d. Vermilion, two examples on part printed postcard from Stamboul to Wien (Vienna) with Doursoun cachet on reverse.
He made the Orient Express labels. Dated AP.10.91. Attractive. ..
SG Number: SG197
SG197 1897 1/2d. Vermilion on postcard, Weston Super Mare to Tiverton.
Depicting a Chinaman carrying a stamp and the address panel. Dated OC.13.97. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG197
SG219 1903 Postcard of Royal Albert Bridge, PLYMOUTH to PORT STANLEY, FALKLAND IS.
With 1d. Ed VII cancelled Davenport Square Circle dated DE.7.03 - feint arrival cds on the front...
SG Number: SG219
SG219 1905 1d. Scarlet used to redirect a postcard from USA to London then to Austria.
Charing Cross squared circle, dated AU.28.05. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG219
SG219 1907 1d. Postcard with 2x 1d's perfined CH Ltd paying the 2d. Late Fee.
Neatly cancelled with Charing Cross Continental Night Mail cds for Dec.5.1907, to Paris. Attracti..
SG Number: SG219
SG269 1911 ½d. Deep Bright Green. Harrison. P.14. on postcard from Douglas (I.O.M). to Yorks,
Neatly cancelled with Douglas I.O.M. machine cancel for 9.AUG.11. Scarce. Spec M3(7). ..
SG Number: SG269
SG275a 1911 1d. Aniline rose on picture postcard to Burma.
Neat Wickham Bishops cds for JU.8.11 - Rangoon arrival alongside. A cracking stamp!  ..
SG Number: SG275a
SG321 1911 1/2d. Die 1 on Privelige Violet postcard of the First U.K  Aerial Post to Camberwell.
Dated SP.16.11. Nice quality and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG321
SG321 1911 Brown postcard to Switzerland, then re-directed to Paris with 2x 1/2d. Downeys.
Dated SP.15.1911. Unusual and scarce overseas usage.  ..
SG Number: SG321
SG321 1911 Windsor Flight postcard, red-brown, uprated to a 1d. and sent to Germany.
Nice combination of EDVII and KGV stamps. Nice overseas use.  ..
SG Number: SG321
SG324var 1911 1/2d. Die 1B, very deep green. Neat STEDHAM cds dated AU.31.11 on postcard to Saffron Walden.
Excellent colour. Spec N2(7).  ..
SG Number: SG324var
SG360 1917 1d. Deep Carmine red on Postcard, Westward Ho, Devon to London.
Crisp cds, dated 24.SP.1917. A cracking shade! ..
SG Number: SG360
SG419 1925 Lundy postcard to Bristol with 1d. neatly cancelled with the scarce "Lundy Island" cds.
Dated 15.SP.25. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG419
SG419 1932 St. Austell, Cornwall postcard to Selangor, F.M.S.
1d. Underpaying postage and FMS postage due applied at Kapar. Dated 23.AU.32. Most unusual. ..
SG Number: SG419
SG419 KGV Profile head 1d. on postcard with the striking variety "ONF for ONE"- due to over-inking; seen mint and therefore maybe constant.
Rare variety. ..
SG Number: sg419
SG428 1934 Airmail Registered postcard, Southend on Sea to Madagascar.
With 2d. & 1d. Block Cypher, then returned to sender. Unusual registered postcard.  ..
SG Number: SG428
SG435var 1929 PUC 1d. "1829 for 1929" variety on postcard, cancelled clear of the variety.
Spec NCom6f. Cat. £400 mint.  ..
SG Number: SG435
SGD2 1919 Skibereen, Cork postcard sent unpaid to Carrikfergus, charged 2d. Postage Due with fine "2d" handstamp, alongside.
Fine Postage Due's used in Ireland. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGD2
SGD4 1921 Downey Post Card, underpaying the postcard rate - 1 1/2d. - charged Postage Dues of 1d. using a bisected 2d.
Cancelled West Kensington, 29.Dec.1921. Rare. Spec. Cat. page 276. ..
SG Number: SGD4
SGL201 1881 1/2d. Orange, plate 5. Telegraph accepted for postage on postcard, Brighton to M. P. Castle, former President of the RPS, 1913 - 1917.
Unusual and scarce.  ..
SG Number: SGL201
Stationery. 1911 Private postcard from Cambridge to St. John's College.
Using an EDVII stationery cut out paying the postcard rate dated June 6th 1911. Unusual.  ..