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1894 1s. Green and 4d. Vermilion embossed on Thornton Pickard Per Parcel Post label.
Uprated with SG198  1 1/2d. perfin and sent from Altrincham to Vienna. Extremely scarce.&nbs..
SG Number: SG198
SG101 1866 1/- Green, plate 4, GD. Plus 2d. blue, plate 9, KD, on entire from London to New York, per "City of Paris" via Queenstown.
Dated SP.19.1866. Scarce. Cat. £450. ..
SG Number: SG101
Plate No.: 4
SG103 1872 3d. Rose, plate 8 and 2d. blue, plate 14, paying 5d., per ½oz rate. Nice red "2½d" credit mark to Sweden.
Dated SP.21.72. A pretty cover.  ..
SG Number: SG103
Plate No.: 8
SG125 1879 6d. Grey, plate 12 x2, paying 12 times basic rate of 1d. per 4oz. Contents lost on the way.
Handstamp "Found in NPB without contents" but forwarded to Geneva, "recu sans journal". Dated 4.S..
SG Number: SG125
Plate No.: 12
SG14 1841 2d. Blue Pl.3 (MG - ML). Strip of six making the 1s. rate per ½oz. Sent from EDINBURGH to NEW YORK by the steamship “Britannia” cancelled by the “131” numeral with NOV. 2. 1844. dispatch c.d.s. on reverse along with Liverpool transit mark.
Manuscript 20 ¾ cents Postage Due, 2c ship letter fee plus 18 ¾ cents inland transit, Boston to N..
SG Number: SG14
Plate No.: 3
SG14 1844 Transatlantic entire. 1/- per half ounce rate. 2d. plate 3, MG-ML. File fold through MH and cut into ML.
Sent from Edinburgh to New York, via Cunard Steam Ship "Britania". Manuscript 20 ¾ cents Postage ..
SG Number: SG14
Plate No.: 3
SG14 1845 Transatlantic entire, Edinburgh to New York. Ship letter rate of 8d., per half pence dated 15 May 1845.
Paid by strip of 4 2d's from plate 3, DG, DH, DI, DJ (in at base). Manuscript 6 (cents) = ship le..
SG Number: SG14
Plate No.: 3
SG147 1880 6d. Grey plate 17, NG. Used on cover, London to South Australia, per "Orient" line, via Plymouth.
Dated SP.17.80. A rare plate on cover.  ..
SG Number: SG147
Plate No.: 17
SG150 1877 1/- Green, plate 13, DF. Paying the 1/- per ½oz rate, Manchester to Caracas via Southampton.
Dated 16.OCT.77. ..
SG Number: SG150
Plate No.: 13
SG154 1880 4d. Grey-brown, plate 17, QH, on cover Manchester to Mexico. Per "Bothnia", via New York and Brownsville
Dated 6.NO.80. Stunningly rare stamp on cover... especially with cds. Cat. £1700.  ..
SG Number: SG154
SG160 1881 4d. Grey-brown, plate 17, SB, paying post UPU rate of 4d. per 1/2oz, from Manchester to Brazil.
A nice single rate franking.  ..
SG Number: SG160
Plate No.: 17
SG161 1882 6d. Grey, plate 18, SL, paying the 6d. per ½oz rate, from Sidmouth to Transvaal, via Plymouth, per "Trojan".
Dated. JU.29.82. ..
SG Number: SG161
Plate No.: 18
SG162 1883 6d./ 6d. lilac, plate 18, LL, on cover, Sidmouth to Natal via Dartmouth, paying the 6d. per ½oz rate.
Dated SP.27.83. Nice single franking.  ..
SG Number: SG162
Plate No.: 18
SG2 1840 1d. Black platw 1b, TA. Good to huge margins, showing part marginal legend "Price 1d. Per L"...
Black maltese cross! Rare.  ..
SG Number: SG2
Plate No.: 1b
SG201 1891 2 1/2d. Jubilee on advertising envelope, London to Chicago, dated 9/12/91. Single letter rate per 1/2 oz.
SG Number: SG201
SG40 & 70 1857 1d. Rose-red (OC & OG - OH). and 1856 6d. Pale-lilac (x2). Small envelope from JERSEY to HAVANA “Via Liverpool per first Steamer to U. States”.
Cancelled by “409” duplexes for AU. 19. 60. with a boxed “NE2” alongside. Reverse with London tra..
SG Number: SG40
SG45 1866 Liverpool to USA with 2d. plate 9, plus 4d. plate 7, making 1/- rate. Entire sent per Steamer via Queenstown.
Dated 25.AP.66. Attractive transatlantic cover. Nice combination.  ..
SG Number: SG45
Plate No.: 9
SG47 1875 Transatlantic, large part wrapper with pair 2d. blues, plate 14, paying the 3d. letter rate per ½ oz, plus 1d. late fee.
Dated MY.20.75, going to New Orleans via "City of Chester" (Inman Line Steamship). ..
SG Number: SG47
Plate No.: 14
SG47 SG094 and SG122a Ballymena to Beunos Aires Per Private Steamer.
"Pascal" from Liverpool with 2/- postage (double rate) on entire, dated MY.25.72. Some faults but..
SG Number: SG47
SG54 1847 1s. Pale Green. Four margined example on entire sent from GREENFIELD via UPPERMILL and MANCHESTER to NEW YORK per Steamer “Asia” from Liverpool.
Cancelled by the “498” numeral of Manchester… red “PAID” and “5CENTS” accountancy marks alongside..
SG Number: SG54
SG55 1856 Letter rate of 1/- per half oz plus 1/- late fe, paid by 2x 1/- Embossed. From LIVERPOOL to MAINE, USA
Both Embossed have four margins, cancelled by “466” numerals and additionally tied by a black Bos..
SG Number: SG55
SG62 1855 4d. Carmine (small garter) strip of 3, paying the letter rate of 1/- per half ounce. Paisley to York, Penn.
Dated 3.OCT.1855. Carried on Collins Line steamship "Atlantic", arriving in New York on Oct.18th...
SG Number: SG62
SG66a 1859 4d. Rose on cover, Manchester to Savoie (Savoy), Italy, with the strip making the 1/- per 1/2oz rate.
Spoon cancel dated NO.7.59. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG66a
SG70 & 72 1856 6d. Pale-lilac. Wmk. Emblems and 1856 1s. Green (x2 fault to one). Wmk. Emblems. The stamps paying the 2s. 6d. rate affixed sideways to entire sent from GLASGOW to SYRIA...
“via Marseilles per French packet via Alexandria” cancelled by “159” duplexes for NO. 10. 58. Rev..
SG Number: SG70
SG71 1856 London to Genova, double rate (manuscript 2) of 10d. per ¼oz = 1/8d, plus 1d. late fee= 1/9d.
Dated 16.Dec.1856, with an arrival date of 20th Dec. 1856. A fine cover to Italy via France. ..
SG Number: SG71