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SG218 1902 ½d. Yellowish Green. D.L.R. Envelope from AUSTRIA to LONDON re-directed on arrival to MILTON PARK, EGHAM – with the ½d. Green paying the postage…
cancelled MY. 20. 11. Reverse with arrival c.d.s. for the same date.  ..
SG Number: SG218
SG8 1853 1d. Red-brown, plate 157, CE & CC, on late fee envelope, from Erith, (Bexley), Kent to Hyde Park, London.
CC just touched and cancelled on JU.10.53. A nice alphabet II cover.  ..
SG Number: SG8
Plate No.: 157
SGL203 1876 1d. Red-brown Pl.2 (OD). Rarely seen Telegraph stamp Paying postage on envelope from LONDON to GROVE PARK, KENT.
Tied by neat hooded c.d.s. for MY. 25. 93. with red LONDON transit on reverse for the 26th. ..
SG Number: SGL203