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1846 1d. pink sent from BRISTOL to CHELTENHAM, Registered at the 1s. rate, paid in cash.
Despatch cds dated SP.18.1846 plus 134 numeral. Scarce mail during the 1s. registereed rate. Rare..
1880 London to Clapham Rd, prepaid with Charing Cross Official Paid cds, dated MY.4.1880.
With fine DIRECTOR OF TRANSPORT SERVICES cachet with Admiralty crest on reverse. Attractive. Ex W..
1900 British Levant 1d. reply paid post card, used from Salonica to France.
Dated MY.11.00 twice strude with neat BPO cds's code B. Rare. Ex AKH.  ..
1907 POST CARD - Depicting “Queenie Leighton” (British music hall star of the Edwardian era). The postage being paid by a Victorian ½d. Green stationery cut-out… prohibited up until 1905.
Sent locally in LONDON to Stoke Newington and cancelled by a double ring c.d.s. for NO. 30. 07.&n..
1912 Wilkinson Experimental Slot Machine. Cover to Catford with a neat impressed LONDON E.C/ POSTAGE PAID in magenta.
Red double ring cds for FE.14.12. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG321
MANCHESTER Spoon Handstamp. Stampless entire ordering Champagne addressed to RHEIMS  paid “8d” in cash for the ¼oz. rate but no stamps were affixed…
cancelled by the Type D5a spoon for OC. 5. 57. in red ink – the only spoon in red ink. Paid doubl..
O.H.M.S. Stampless Envelope. Posted at the TOWER OF LONDON – cancelled Official Paid in red DE. 20. 09. with the Tower cachet at left in violet ink…
This cachet was applied in the Constables Office and was in use until 1912 when it was replaced. ..
Official Paid Envelope. KEVIII Abdication.
Sent locally in LONDON cancelled by a c.d.s. for 23. DE. 36. with boxed “ERI/VIII” cachet at left..
SG072 1856 1s. Green.Wmk Emblems. Tied by a superb strike of the 'PORT HOPETON' Scots local & 'PAID' in red.
Paying the rate to New York, USA. Edinburgh c.d.s for AP 16 58. ..
SG Number: SG72
SG102 1870 3d. Deep Rose, plate 6, QF. Watermark. Spray. Paid to Destination.
Used example cancelled by two strikes of the PD in oval in a bright red ink.  ..
SG Number: SG102
Plate No.: 6
SG103 1873 3d. Rose, plate 10, CE- sole cancel is a red PD in oval - Paid to Destination.
Trimmed wing margin, but a rare plate with a rare cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG103
Plate No.: 10
SG103 1873 3d. Rose, plate 10, PC. Sole cancel is a black PD in oval - Paid to Destination.
A rare plate with a rare cancel.  ..
SG Number: SG103
Plate No.: 10
SG14 1850 Registered wrapper, 6d. paid in cash, postage in stamps. London to Ludlow.
Dated 12.Oct.1850 - on reverse "Knight Rider Street" s/l... at this date the Registration fee sho..
SG Number: SG14
Plate No.: 4
SG147 1875 6d. Grey, plate 14, BA. Superb used, neat upright VALPARISO PAID cds.
Dated MR.15.1876. RPS cert. A nice stamp.  ..
SG Number: SG147
Plate No.: 14
SG150 1874 1s. Green Pl.10 (JH). PD” – Paid to Destination Handstamp.
Right hand wing marginal solely cancelled by a red “PD” in oval. ..
SG Number: SG150
SG156 1879 7 1/2d. Triple rate cover to British Columbia, paid 8dd. Neat London "94" duplex for May 6th 1879. This 8d. BNA is the only one recorded - 1/2d. overpayment.
Unobtrusive file fold through stamp, not detracting. Rare. ..
SG Number: SG156
SG157 1881 2½d. Blue Pl.23 (GJ). Wmk. Crown. Envelope (top flap missing) sent FEB. 27 1884 from SAN FRANCISCO paid by 5c. Brown - addressed to PUTNEY HILL.
Re-directed to CANNES March 17th. with addition of the 2½d. arriving on the 19th. Super “internat..
SG Number: SG157
SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Envelope from Ramsgate to Belgium insufficiently paid, on arrival receiving 10c. & 20c.
Postage Dues. Double ring cds. for JA.3.01 and Ostende cds's on the Dues for the 4th.  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG172 1881 1d. Lilac. Die II. Envelope from Ramsgate to Belgium, insufficiently paid - on arrival receiving 10c. & 20c. Postage Dues.
Double ring cds for JA.1.01 and Ostende cds's on the Dues for the 2nd.  ..
SG Number: SG172
SG1913 Telephone Bill, 1s. 5d. paid by SG293 + SG395.
SG Number: SG395
SG198var 1887 1½d. Blue “Jubilee” – Reply Paid Essay. Head plate on imperforate, gummed paper watermarked Crown. Very fine.
SG Number: SG198var
SG215 1904 Royalty: envelope from Sandringham Castle to Lynn, with a superb red OFFICIAL PAID cds...
Plus an exceptional strike of the Edward VII Royal Cypher. Dated 3.MR.04. Brilliant quality. ..
SG Number: SG215
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (DK). Die II. LC. P.14. Bank of Bengal wrapper sent from CALCUTTA to LONDON paid by 4 Annas and 2 Annas each cancelled by the “B/1” handstamp
On arrival redirected to BRIGHTON with the addition of the 1d. Stars cancelled by London duplex f..
SG Number: SG40
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (EE). Die II. LC. P.14. Envelope from DUGSHAI, INDIA paid by 4a. Black sent to BLAIRGOWRIE…
re-directed with the addition of the 1d. Red to Edinburgh. Cancelled by the “46” numeral – “INDIA..
SG Number: SG40
SG40 1857 1d. Rose-red (KL). Die II. LC. P.14. Envelope from ALLAHABAD, INDIA paid by 2a. Orange-yellow and 4a. Black sent “Via Bombay & Marseilles” to BLAIRGOWRIE…
re-directed with the addition of the 1d. Red to Edinburgh. Allahabad “23” duplexes cancel the Ind..
SG Number: SG40
SG41 1857 1d. Deep Rose-red (MA). Envelope sent from GOONAH, INDIA to DRUNG, IRELAND “Via Marseilles” paid by 4 Annas Black and 2 Annas Orange cancelled by the “165” numeral…
on arrival in Drung re-directed with the addition of the 1d. Rose-red to ASHFORD, KENT cancelled ..
SG Number: SG41
SG426a 1937 Large part parcel front with small type label rated at 6d., paid with a 6d and cancelled with the rare ROYAL SHOW WOLVERHAMPTON.
Dated 5/7/37. ..
SG Number: SG426a
SG43 1864 1d. Rose-red Pl.73 (JA). Cover sent from CALCUTTA to LONDON… re-directed within London paid by the 1d. Red. Dated DEC. 13. 64.
 Very pretty four colour franking… scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 73
SG43 1864/ 79 1d. Rose-red, plate 123. Superb used, crisp red PD in circle cancel. Paid to Destination.
A very pretty stamp. RPS cert. ..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 123
SG43 1871 1d. Rose-red Pl.150 (LA). Black “PD” – Paid to Destination - in Oval Handstamp.
A very fine strike solely cancelling the stamp… the black “PD” very rarely seen cancelling stamps..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 150
SG43 1874 1d. Rose-red Pl.174 (MF). Paid to Destination Handstamp. Cancelled solely by a fine strike of the red “PD” in oval.
SG Number: SG43
SG43 1877 1d. Rose-red Pl.203 (TH). “Returned Paid Letter”.
Envelope sent JA. 4. 78. within SHREWSBURY to Mrs Ball of Dawley Green… endorsed on reverse “Open..
SG Number: SG43
Plate No.: 203
SG46 1869 2d. Blue Pl.13 (QL). Thin Lines. “PD” – Paid to Destination Handstamp.
Fine example cancelled solely by the “PD” in oval in red ink. Scarce. ..
SG Number: SG46
Plate No.: 13
SG47 1869 2d. Deep blue, plate 14, CC. Superb used, solely cancelled with the red PD in oval = Paid to Destination.
Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG47
Plate No.: 14
SG48 1870 ½d. Rose-red Pl.5 (BJ). Red “PD” in Oval – Paid to Destination.
Solely cancelled by an excellent of this mark which should be struck on the envelope not the stam..
SG Number: SG48
Plate No.: 5
SG51 & SG144 1875 6d. rate to Melbourne, paid with 2x 1 1/2d's plus 3d. plate 17.
From Kingstown, dated SP.21.75. A nice and unusual combination.  ..
SG Number: SG51
SG55 1856 Letter rate of 1/- per half oz plus 1/- late fe, paid by 2x 1/- Embossed. From LIVERPOOL to MAINE, USA
Both Embossed have four margins, cancelled by “466” numerals and additionally tied by a black Bos..
SG Number: SG55
SG66 1857 4d. Rose-carmine. Red “P” – PAID handstamp.
A bold strike along with small part numeral in black. Scarce.  ..
SG Number: SG66
SG66a 1857 4d. Rose (large garter). Superb red PD in oval, Paid to Destination. A super strike.
A stunning stamp.  ..
SG Number: SG66a
SG70 1856 6d. Pale lilac, sole cancel is a red "PD" = Paid to Destination. Quite stunning.
SG Number: SG70
SG79 1863 Glasgow to Calcutta via Marseilles, 10d. rate paid by 4d., plate 3 and 6d., plate 3.
Dated OC.9.63. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG84
Plate No.: 3
SG84 1865 Llandudno to Buenos Ayres, paid 1/- rate with 2x 6d. cancelled B47 duplex, dated 8th April 1865.
Mild bend through lower stamp. Superb "Missent to Liverpool" in double oval. Attractive.  ..
SG Number: SG84
SGD49 1956 Envelope from Hull with 1 12/d Tangier overprint. Only charged 1d. postage due, paid by a bisected 2d. due.
Neat Hull cds. Unusual.  ..
SG Number: SGD49
SGL201 1883 London to Russia, St. Petersburg, 3d. late fee paid with 1d. Lilac, plus 4x 1/2d. orange, plate 5 perfined. Rare commercial use of Telegraphs!
SG172 + SGL201 ..
SG Number: SGL201
Stampless – O.H.M.S. Inland Revenue entire with red OFFICIAL PAID LONDON c.d.s. for FE. 26. 64. sent to ECCLESFIELD then redirected to BOLSTERSTONE
Sheffield arrival for the 27th. Reverse with boxed “NORTH-WESTERN DIST. SORT CARE” handstamp acco..